Guest Snaps Off at CNN Host: ‘People Don’t Trust You Guys’ Because You Tell Them They Are Stupid, Racist and Wrong

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The media has had a terrible two weeks of being exposed for multiple fake news stories attacking President Donald Trump.

Social media has exploded with criticism of media, especially for CNN who has yet to apologize or explain their fake story alleging that Donald Trump, Jr. had received an email with WikiLeaks information prior to it being released publicly. They falsely claimed that ‘multiple sources’ told them the email was from September 4 when it was just basically a spam email from a random dude on September 14 after the information had already been made public.

During a segment of his show, “Reliable Sources,” Brian Stelter was questioning why people in Alabama would support Senate candidate Roy Moore even after the allegations of sexual misconduct against him were published in the Washington Post.

Alabama talk radio host Dale Jackson who was a guest on the show dropped a truth bomb on Stelter.

From Daily Wire:

“Why in the world would people believe the things that are said if it’s always negative over and over and over and over again?” Jackson said. “That weaponizes the term fake news.”

Jackson continued, “The bottom line is this — people don’t trust you guys and the reason they don’t trust you is because you are constantly telling them they are wrong, they are stupid, they are racists, and then we’re saying, hey, listen to us you wrong, stupid and racist people. It’s not going to work, they don’t trust you guys.”

This left Stelter in absolute mouth open shock.

He then tried to cover a bit by saying that most people don’t believe that, that those who distrust the media are just a minority.

“When you say they don’t trust you guys, I think what you mean, Dale, is there’s a percentage of the country primarily conservatives who for years and decades have just trusted the press, who do not trust mainstream reporting,” Stelter said. “It is not a majority of the country.”

But Jackson reminded him of the 62 million people who voted for Donald Trump, many of whom, yes, do believe this because they see it unfold day after day in media and Stelter shouldn’t be discounting them.

And as Daily Wire notes, surveys show that a large percentage of the country distrusts the media and that’s not just conservatives or Trump supporters.

Nice job, Dale Jackson, delivering a little truth to Stelter.

Maybe people would believe them more if they actually explained things like how they managed to make an ‘innocent’ mistake about the date on an email? Or failed to check with Trump, Jr., Basic Journalism 101?

Example, Ari Fleischer, ex-White House press secretary under George Bush. Very fair fellow, not a conspiracy theorist. But not at all happy with what’s going on with the media.

But they haven’t done so. And perhaps that tells people all they need to know.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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