The Mystery Funder Behind Roy Moore’s Opponent Has Been Revealed — It’s Bad

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As Alabama goes to the polls on Election Day today, it has finally been revealed that George Soros, the biggest anti-American financier in the world today, is behind a PAC to get Democrat Doug Jones elected to the U.S. Senate.

If you are unsure about supporting Roy Moore for the race, understand that the biggest America-hater in the entire world, billionaire Soros, is in Doug Jones’ corner. That really should be all you need to know to vote for Roy Moore!

As Daily Wire reported, that there has been a mystery super PAC that has poured $4 million in outside money into the Alabama race for U.S. Senate to get Democrat Jones elected. And until today, it wasn’t known who was behind this PAC.

Doug Jones has tried to pretend that he is an independent liberal voice, not connected to the establishment in Washington D.C. But, it turns out that nearly every establishment Democrat in D.C. has come to his support both in public and in donations. Even if he wanted to be independent, Jones is now 100% beholden to the D.C. liberal establishment.

But, even worse is the person behind the super PAC that has dumped millions from outside Alabama into the race. The group is called PAC Highway 31. Politico describes it this way:

Highway 31 was created in November, Federal Election Commission filings show. Though Birmingham lawyer Edward Still is listed as the group’s treasurer, it was, in fact, founded jointly with Senate Majority PAC, the outside group closely tied to Democratic leadership in the Senate. Highway 31 has been funded jointly by Senate Majority PAC and Priorities USA Action, the Democratic super PAC that backed Barack Obama in 2012 and Hillary Clinton in 2016, the Democrats briefed on the arrangement told POLITICO.

. . . .

The group’s backing has remained secret until now because federal laws do not require it to disclose its donors until after the election. Jones’ camp has kept its distance from the group, and no information has surfaced until now about its background.

Folks, this pretty much proves that Doug Jones is no “outsider” but will instead represent quintessential Washington insiders if Alabama is foolish enough to send him to the Senate.

But being supported by these insiders is far from the only problem with this PAC. As Daily Wire notes, “George Soros has given millions of dollars to both Senate Majority PAC and Priorities USA Action.”

So, with this being true, we now know who Doug Jones really is and what he really stands for. And all of it is against what the people of Alabama want and believe in.

Daily Wire also reported some of the spending from Soros in the last few years:

  • $400 Million to manipulate Higher Education: Journalists who thought the Koch brothers were dominating college funding with a mere $7 million should check out Soros. He’s given more than 50 times more and even helped establish his own university, Central European University, which teaches his own bizarre political/social philosophy of “open society.”
  • Global Scandals Largely Unreported: Soros has admitted to helping start revolutions, funding radicals and attacking national currencies. His insider trading conviction in France cost him $3 million and has been upheld by European courts repeatedly. His foundations have been opposed by nations around the globe, yet almost the only negative press he has received on ABC, CBS and NBC was linked to a sex scandal with a 28-year-old Brazilian actress.
  • Political Contributions to Most Major Liberal Politicians: Soros has personally funded some of the top names in America’s left from Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi. Soros donates hundreds of millions to politically active liberal organizations as well. He’s even given $500,000 to the allegedly neutral Center for Responsive Politics, which is the source for much of the information on political donations.
  • More Than Half a Billion Dollars to Finance the Left: George Soros aids hundreds of left-wing groups in America each year under the auspices of his Open Society Foundations. Since 2000, Soros has given more than $550 million to liberal organizations in the U.S., underwriting every major liberal initiative – pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-gay marriage, pro-drug legalization, pro-union, pro-government-funded media and even attacks against the concept of free elections and voting for judges.

All of these millions have been spent to undermine and destroy this country and Democrats have greedily lapped it all up and done their best to help Soros do his worst to our country.

And this is the man whom Alabama Democrat Doug Jones has cozied up to.

It is the perfect reason why Alabama voters should vote for Roy Moore.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston, the views expressed in this article may not represent those held by the site itself]


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