Breaking: Reports Paul Ryan Is Leaving Congress — Paul Ryan Responds

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Some breaking but conflicting news out of Washington, D.C., about House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Politico broke the report that Ryan had told confidants that he plans to retire after next year’s midterm election.

From Washington Times:

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan plans to retire after the 2018 midterm elections, capping his Capitol Hill career with tax cuts and possibly welfare reform, according to a report Thursday.

Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, made his exit plans known to those close to him, Politico reported.

His retirement has been whispered about in the halls of Congress for months, but the report Thursday confirmed what many expected and began a jockeying among Republican leaders to succeed him as speaker.

Ryan’s goal was apparently to get the tax cut bill and if that goes through as is now anticipated, he will have achieved that.

But during his weekly press conference, he suggested that he still had a lot more he wanted to do fighting poverty, tackling entitlement programs and working on Social Security and Medicare.

Check this Politico segment which of course, casts it as an anti-Trump move.

But, once again, mainstream media is apparently worng. Ryan’s office denied the rumors and tweeted this:

“Speaker Ryan is fully committed to advancing a bold conservative agenda in 2018 and protecting the majority. Any gossip to the contrary is completely baseless and without merit.”

And reporters tried to get an answer from him and he said no, he was not quitting.

President Donald Trump apparently called Ryan about the rumors to confirm that he was staying. And Ryan assured him that he was.

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[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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