Breaking: Republican Rep. Commits Suicide — Leaves Behind Note

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Sadly, some very uncomfortable realities have been exposed in the political world following Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein implosion. John Conyers, Al Franken, and several other politicians have found themselves in hot water thanks to allegations of sexual misconduct.  While it certainly appears that more Democrats have found themselves in trouble as of late, this problem is by no means specific to one party.

That reality was made crystal clear today when a Republican from Kentucky was found dead.

From Breaking 911:

Kentucky State Representative Dan Johnson (R) has reportedly committed suicide following allegations of sexual misconduct.

According to WBRD, Johnson ‘killed himself on a bridge on Greenwell Ford Road in Mt. Washington, and the gun was recovered.’

Here’s more.

From New York Daily News:

A Kentucky state representative who was under investigation for allegedly sexually molesting a teenage girl committed suicide Wednesday night, authorities said.

Republican State Rep. Dan Johnson fatally shot himself on a bridge in Mount Washington, WDRB-TV reported, citing Bullitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell.

Johnson was accused of molesting a 17-year-old girl at a New Year’s party in 2012, according to a Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting expose published Monday.

He allegedly forced himself on the girl, put his hands up her shirt and down her pants, the report says.

Here is the Facebook post Johnson left before killing himself.

Pretty intense.

From The Hill:

Johnson denied the allegations on Tuesday, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. He said the accuser was a member of his church, and that the claims were, in part, politically motivated.

“This is an assault on all real people, there’s no perfect people and you get into office and all of sudden political hacks come against you and start accusing you after you’re in office,” he said, according to the Courier-Journal.

Johnson also acknowledged that he messaged the woman on Facebook in January 2013, saying that he did not remember what happened the night of the alleged encounter and that he had been “drugged” at a local bar.

He said later on that he did remember what happened that night, and denied ever entering the room where the girls were sleeping.

After the allegations were reported on Monday, Johnson faced calls to resign from his state House seat.

Rand Paul, a fellow Kentuckian, has responded.

The allegations are serious. But then again, they are allegations. This is the world we have created. Guilty without due process. All it takes is accusations and the court of public opinion convicts you just like that. Obviously, if he preyed on a child this man is a monster. However, we will never know for sure now. It is sad that these things have gotten so political. You’d think that both Democrats and Republicans would want to pump the breaks and get to the truth but sadly that’s just not how the landscape is anymore. You are guilty until proven innocent.  It’s an unfortunate part of society today.

A heartbreaking situation all around.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]



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