Sick: CNN Gloats, Screams, and Mocks Black Woman After She Loses Trump WH Position

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Omarosa Manigault parted ways with the White House yesterday. But in keeping with Omarosa, it was not without high comment. But some of the comment went far beyond the pale and was not professional for news media.

CNN commentator April Ryan initially reported the story claiming that Omarosa had been fired by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and that she tried to go into the residential quarters to see President Donald Trump to contest it and had to be escorted out by the Secret Service.

Turns out, given that it was April Ryan, that the report was, of course, false.

The Secret Service, who has far more important things they have to do, felt compelled to have to correct the false account being spread by Ryan.

Omarosa disputed Ryan’s report, said she resigned and dinged Ryan during an interview with Good Morning America, saying that Ryan had been spreading false stories about her for a year.

But what was perhaps adding insult to injury, Ryan was on a CNN panel that laughed and mocked Omarosa for the crime of working for Trump while black.

Another CNN comentator Angela Rye took the lead talking about how she and Ryan had already mocked Omarosa on a podcast that she and Ryan do. Rye then called Omarosa ‘skin folk,’ meaning she’s only black in her skin, not really black and says she never represented the black community.

And then CNN’s Symone Sanders says, in catty fashion, “Folks weren’t exactly sad to see Omarosa go today.”

Disgusting. More of that vaunted liberal tolerance for differing opinions. Black conservatives aren’t allowed and they’ve been nasty to Omarosa from the very beginning.

How dare Omarosa not row in line with them? That makes her BINO, black in name only.

ABC’s Robin Roberts also got nasty with a similar unprofessional swipe at Omarosa after she appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ for an interview Thursday morning.

And she’s declared ‘wise’ for being unprofessional by CBS’s Seth Lemon.

And all these people would lap it up and compliment Omarosa if she said anything bad about the White House.


[Note: This post is written by Nick Arama]


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