New Data Just Drove a Massive Nail Straight Into Global Warming’s Coffin — Media Black Out

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Once again, the far left’s “global warming” narrative has come crashing down.

Currently, large portions of the nation are experiencing freezing cold temperatures.

That’s not all…

From Daily Wire:

WBAL-TV Chief Meteorologist Tom Tasselmyer reported an increase in snow cover over the last four Christmas holidays, up from 36% in 2014 to 49% in 2017.

New York meteorologist and Weather-Track, Inc. president Kevin Williams highlighted an even longer trend in snowier winters:

Moreover, Pennsylvania just broke a state record for snowfall. According to Cleveland, Ohio’s National Weather Service, Erie shattered records with a total of 53 inches of snowfall in a 30-hour period. “This is the greatest 2-day total in the entire state of PA (prev. record 44″ in Morgantown, PA 3/20-21/1958).”

A Canadian government website is claiming Santa Claus has fled the North Pole because of global warming.

From Daily Caller:

The website for Policy Horizons Canada, a government website, notes that due to “rapidly melting Arctic ice and growing human operations in the North, Santa Claus has signed an agreement with the International community to relocate his village next year to operate in an exclusive zone in the South Pole.”

Policy Horizons was created to advise government officials on emerging public policy issues. The group put out a series of Christmas-themed blog posts that tie into emerging liberal policy concerns.

Horizons also put out blog posts on Santa relying on a self-flying sleigh, investing in Bitcoin and even using 3D printing technology to make toys. The latest blog post, however, is meant to focus on climate refugees.

They claimed that Santa’s ‘relocation agreement’ was the first time the definition of “climate change” included refugees as corporations as well as individuals.

“This deal is expected to lead to the deployment of a global climate change refugee visa system that in the near future could help to more easily relocate individuals and corporations facing the impacts of climate change,” the website continues.

Politicians and environmentalists have been claiming for years that man-made global warming will increase the number of people displaced by extreme weather events and violent conflicts.

So, this is not supposed to just be a knock on “global warming,” it’s supposed to be a justification for ‘climate refugees.’

Refugees didn’t flood into Europe because they were invited by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to partake in the German welfare system with basically no questions asked. Nope. They were driven by horrible climate consequences.

It doesn’t have to have any basis in reality (much like the rest of the climate change BS) but it sounds caring, doesn’t it?

Liberals are even pushing a current study that claims “climate change” was the reason for increased applications for asylum in Europe, despite not being able to prove any causation.

A June study predicted 2 billion “climate change refugees” by the end of the century if nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Most famously, the United Nations Environment Program predicted there would be 50 million “climate refugees” by 2010. When that didn’t come to pass, the UN quietly removed a web page containing the information, and pushed the prediction to 2020.

One just has to have a miniscule understanding of history to know that this is nonsense.

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]


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