Hillary Begs Americans for Money — James Woods Personally Delivers Her a Tall Order of Justice

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She has made herself one of the richest people in America, yet Hillary Clinton continues to send out emails begging followers for money. But this time, actor James Woods gave her a one-two punch after Hillary once again put on her begging pantsuit.

In a stream of messages flogging her left-wing political organization, Onward Together, Clinton jumped to her Twitter account a few days before Christmas. And with her messages she once again begged her foolish followers to send her cash.

But, not one to let a good opportunity to slam the left go to waste, conservative actor James Woods responded to Clinton’s begging for cash as only he can, Conservative Tribune reported.

“Onward Together is ending 2017 by supporting six more incredible organizations fighting to protect voting rights and to make it easier for young, diverse candidates to get on the ballot and get elected,” Clinton wrote in one of her tweets.

She went on to “thank” those idiotic enough to send money writing, “Thank you to everyone who has donated to Onward Together in our first year — we’re only able to support these great groups because of you. Let’s do even more in 2018. Onward!”


So, there she is, one of America’s richest women, begging for her middle class followers to give her their hard-earned money.

Well, James Woods saw the tweets and came up with the perfect reply.

With a short and sweet upper cut, Woods tweeted, “Shouldn’t you be packing for Argentina?”

In a separate post, Woods celebrated Hillary’s current unemployment:

James Woods is a constant source of great tweets, too. At any time one can find a dozen great quips, fantastic points, and thoughtful comments on the issues of the day.

Indeed, on the day before Christmas, Woods posted a tweet that infuriated the left, but made perfect sense to those of logical mind.

A tweet by Jacob Wohl set Woods off reading, “Obama targeted Christian Churches and Conservative Charities with the IRS, but ordered investigations into Hezbollah to be stopped. Let that sink in.”

Woods jumped in to add to Wohl’s already excellent post: “He is a Muslim. He can deny it, his apologists in the media can refute it, and his enablers can promote a narrative that he is a Christian. It’s a pack of lies. Obama is a Muslim and that is where his allegiance lies. Always has. Always will,” Woods wrote on Dec. 24.

That really set the left into apoplexy, for sure. But, Woods couldn’t be more right. Keep your eye on his Twitter feed and you’ll see gems like this almost daily.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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