Progressive Mom Walks Into Ladies Restroom And Gets Brutal Wake Up Call

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These days, the tolerant liberal left is everything but tolerant. If you don’t agree with what they believe then you are a bad person.  That’s the mentality and it’s especially prevalent in the transgender debate. In the liberal mind, anyone who doesn’t think men and women should share bathrooms is a bigot. That’s really a shame because that kind of intolerance prevents rational people from having an adult conversation about an issue that a lot of people are very concerned about.

It’s very rare but sometimes hardcore liberals have a change of heart.

That’s exactly what happened with one hardcore liberal who firmly believed that gender is no big deal and we should all share bathrooms.

That is, until she experienced the following in a California bathroom.

From Conservative Tribune:

Then, all of that changed when she was at Disneyland with her friend, her son, and her friend’s son.

“I went to the bathroom while she watched our boys in their strollers, and then I did the same.” Lavin wrote.

That is when a “very large, burly man in a Lakers Jersey” walked into the bathroom and leaned against the wall. Lavin spoke about seeing about 12 other women and children just staring at the man, wondering what he was doing in the women’s room and that their collective silence is what caused her to tell her story.

Lavin described how the man knew the women wouldn’t say anything about his presence, because they had been “culturally bullied” into silence. The fear of being non-politically correct was more overwhelming than the very real danger of a man casually eyeing them in an intimate environment, when women literally have their pants down.

This woman also understood that liberals don’t make it easy to speak out about this kind of stuff.

Lavin wrote about the need for clarity when it comes to the gender debate, and that clarity is needed now.

“This notion that we’re shamed into silence b/c we might offend someone, has gone too far. There was a man in the bathroom. Not transgender. There was a man who felt entitled to be in the woman restroom, because he knew no one would say anything,” she wrote.

It’s nice that this progressive woman finally got a wakeup call.

There have been plenty of examples of these policies not working out and it’s an undeniable fact that men in women’s restrooms has backfired.

From The Daily Caller:

Idaho police arrested a man — who identifies as a transgender woman — on one count of felony voyeurism Tuesday after he took pictures of a woman while she was changing clothes in a Target dressing room, the Post Register reported.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested 43-year-old Sean Patrick Smith, who reportedly identifies as Shauna Patricia Smith, the day after he was spotted reaching over the changing room wall with a cell phone taking pictures of a woman who was trying on clothes. The victim confronted Smith, who then ran out of the sto

Slippery slope.
[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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