JUST IN: Man Arrested in Hotel with Small Arsenal of Weapons Before Big NYE Celebrations

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Police have been on alert to defend against terrorism on New Year’s Eve, especially in celebration areas such as Times Square and other areas where there are a lot of people gathering. So a report of a man found with a small arsenal of guns on the 28th floor of a hotel in Texas on Sunday raised a lot of concerns, especially after the Las Vegas massacre in October.

From Click2Houston:

A man has been arrested on multiple charges after police located a small arsenal of guns on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency on Louisiana Street downtown, Houston police said.

Police at the hotel called for backup around 1:30 a.m. Sunday after they attempted to arrest the man for being intoxicated and trespassing. When help arrived, police noticed ammunition laying around the man’s hotel room, Lt. Gordon Macintosh with Houston police said.

The man was arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon and trespassing. When investigators looked into his room further, they located an AR-15, a shotgun, a handgun and lots of ammunition, Macintosh said.

The concern as to what he might have had on his mind was heightened because the Hyatt had a huge New Year’s Eve celebration planned over four floors of the hotel with 50,000 balloons to drop.

The police said that there was no specific threat to Houston and that the situation was “contained.”

Hyatt put out a comment on the incident and said that police were still investigating.

From KSAT:

The safety and security of our guests and colleagues is our top priority, and consistent with the hotel’s prepared security plans, heightened measures are in place on New Year’s Eve. We are fully cooperating with authorities on an investigation, and further questions should be directed to the Houston Police Department.

There wasn’t a big disruption by the arrest, according to one hotel guest who observed the arrest.

The police were investigating and searching the man’s Chevrolet Silverado.

They were trying to figure out what the man’s intentions were, but they were waiting to interview the man until he has sobered up, Macintosh said.

They have not as yet released his name.

Pretty scary, especially after Las Vegas, as to what his intentions might be.

One note, however, it’s Texas where 3 guns is not necessarily an arsenal.

Liberals, of course even without an attack, immediately see it as an argument for gun control.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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