Trump Shows Tom Hanks Who’s Boss After He Demands His New Movie Not Be Screened at White House

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For some strange reason, liberals celebrities have felt the need to inject themselves into today’s political discussion and attack Trump. Obviously, they do this because they are threatened. Trump threatens the status quo and he threatens the elites. Hollywood isn’t in charge anymore. They are on the outside looking in and that frightens them after 8 years of fawning over Obama and basically getting anything they wanted from him.

Tom Hanks is one of the celebrities that’s had a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that the country didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be president.

He dislikes Trump so much that he came out and said that he didn’t want his lame new movie about the Washington Post to be screened at the White House.

From Telegraph:

Tom Hanks has been busily promoting his new film The Post in recent weeks, with interviews and personal appearances – but there’s one screening he would be happy to miss.

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter if he would be willing to screen the film for Donald Trump at the White House, the Oscar-winner said: “I don’t think I would.”

What a guy.

Unfortunately for Tom, the joke is on him.

Check out what’s going down…

From The Daily Wire:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “President Donald Trump’s team has requested, and been granted, access to the 20th Century Fox political drama for both 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and Camp David, where the president is scheduled to host a summit on Saturday and Sunday with top GOP lawmakers.”

Running up to its release, Spielberg even boasted rushing to make the movie as a response to the Trump administration’s war on the media to remind Americans of their First Amendment rights. All three stars seem vaguely unaware of the fact they enthusiastically supported a regime that led a full-frontal assault on religious liberty for eight years.

And now that we’ve mentioned the religious liberty thing, Hanks’ suggestion that the White House should be denied a screening of “The Post” implies a belief that businesses can deny services to other people based on ideological convictions. The talent behind “The Post” seems to have a real problem with hypocrisy. Good thing they have Meryl Streep in their camp to save-face . . . Then again, maybe not.

The most distressing part about this whole thing is that Trump wants to watch this terrible movie. First of all, the Washington Post is a total joke now. There was a time it was respected but those days are long gone thanks to the long list of poorly source fake stories they have run against the president and Republicans in general. Second of all, the movie looks terrible and its packed with actors who are not only over the hill but who hate Trump. You know this movie is going to be loaded with anti-conservative nonsense.

Still, it’s always nice to make irrational people like Tom Hanks uncomfortable. The guy didn’t even want the president watching his movie because he disagrees with him on politics. What a class act.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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