Rush Returns from Vacation, Makes Unexpected Statement That GOP Elites Won’t Be Able to Handle

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For months and months during the 2016 election season, many Republicans did their best to convince the world that Donald Trump wasn’t a conservative. We would always hear about he used to be a liberal and we’d see video clips of him from decades ago talking about how he’s a liberal as if that was somehow proof he was just running as a Republican as a joke or something.

It was a really lame and transparent attempt to delegitimize a guy who clearly was going to shake up the status quo.

The GOP establishment didn’t like Trump and they thought the way to stop him was by questioning his conservatism.

1 year into Trump’s presidency, it is clear that those who questioned his conservativism were very wrong.

In fact, Rush Limbaugh doesn’t believe it gets more conservative than Trump.

From Conservative Tribune:

Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh isn’t buying that kind of hype. As he returned from his Christmas break on Thursday, Limbaugh said that you can’t get more conservative than the Trump administration’s first year and that it was time that anti-Trump conservatives and the media started acknowledging that.

Rush began by saying it was something that he felt he needed to address.

“It hasn’t been that big a deal. This whole idea that Trump and Bannon are some sort of massive populist movement, and, therefore, that is bad and it’s nationalistic?” Limbaugh said. “That’s not what has been going on here. Populism has not been what’s going on.

“This is sour grapes losers using this term to describe it,” Limbaugh continued. “(R)eally, you’d have to look far and wide to find a more conservative administration than this one, and you know when Trump gets in the least trouble is when he does conservative things.”

It’s really impossible to argue against Trump as a conservative after one year in office. It’s even harder to try and make the argument that Hillary would have been better. There’s just no justification or rationale for that kind of nonsense.

Trump is advancing conservative principles in some amazing ways.

Rich Lowry, someone who absolutely didn’t think Trump was for real, has changed his tune.

There you have it.

The truth directly from a source that has no reason to lie or spin.

You are starting to see liberal rags everywhere change their tune.

From New York Magazine:

Virtually anyone who has made a living watching politics during the Trump era would agree that the famously unorthodox 45th president has in most important respects governed as a standard-brand conservative Republican. Tweets and tirades aside, he did, after all, devote most of 2017 to two classic conservative legislative causes —repealing Obamacare and cutting taxes for corporations and wealthy individuals. And beyond that, his accomplishments were limited to progress on far and away the most beloved non-legislative causes from the right’s point of view: revoking regulatory restraints on businesses and placing carefully vetted conservatives in lifetime federal judgeships, including on the Supreme Court. He did virtually nothing, moreover, on the elements of his campaign platform that were ideologically heterodox, as Jonathan Chait pointed out in September:

Gorsuch. Slashing regulations. Lowering taxes.

That’s tough to beat and that’s only a fraction of the list of accomplishments.

Trump is turning out to be a rock-solid conservative and that’s fantastic for the country that elected him president.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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