Breaking: Federal Judge Renders Decision in Case That Conservatives Will Cheer

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Some great breaking news from Alabama. A federal judge has dismissed the constitutional challenge to Alabama’s voter ID law.

Democrats lead by Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s lawyer, Marc Elias have been trying to stop voter ID laws from passing. They filed a lot of cases in the run-up to the 2016 election, bankrolled by millions of dollars from billionaire George Soros, whose goal was to increase the electorate by 10 million voters, according to leaked documents.

While the Alabama case wasn’t filed by Elias, one of the attorneys involved is a Clinton donor. The suit was submitted on behalf of the Greater Birmingham Ministries and the Alabama State Conference of the NAACP. They claimed that the law discriminated against minorities and “immediately disenfranchised” 280,000 voters. Clinton even publicly backed the lawsuit in 2015, calling it as a “blast from the Jim Crow past.”

From Free Beacon:

“For five decades, Alabama’s use of discriminatory voting schemes has necessitated repeated federal intervention,” the lawsuit read. “Now, Alabama again seeks to disfranchise thousands of African-American and Latino voters—all in the name of ‘curing’ a voter fraud problem that does not exist.

The judge, L. Scott Coogler, a George W. Bush appointee, tossed the case, stating there was no undue burden placed on anyone, that anyone can get an ID, it’s “so easy” and free of charge even.

The Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall praised the decision.

“The court order makes the point exceedingly clear: ‘… a person who does not have a photo ID is not prevented from voting if he or she can easily get one, and it is so easy to get a photo ID in Alabama, no one is prevented from voting.”

Fighting voter ID laws are such a transparent way for Democrats to try to slip folks who can’t properly vote to vote.

Otherwise, what’s the real reason for fighting the law? Shouldn’t everyone want to defend the sanctity of the vote? Aren’t the Democrats claiming to be concerned about the ensuring that the elections aren’t tampered with?

Every adult operating in society has to have an ID for a variety of reasons from driving a car to going to school.

Moreover, it’s incredibly pedantic and racist to suggest that somehow minorities aren’t capable of acquiring an ID for themselves. It’s just ridiculous.

Most other countries insist upon IDs to vote to ensure the vote.

Democrats need to stop the nonsense and stop trying to jack the elections.

But this is the importance of not having the federal judiciary overtaken by activist judges.

Thankfully, the Constitution, Alabama and a secure election won today.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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