Breaking: Trump’s Doctor Unveils Complete Physical Results, but Real Story Is the Mental Screening

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Well, it looks like Democrats just had another attempt to attack President Donald Trump go down in flames. On Tuesday, Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson held a press briefing where he outlined in extensive detail the physical and cognitive exam that he had given the president. And he said that the president was in excellent health and there were absolutely no concerns.

He walked through all the lab results all of which were within normal parameters. He noted that the only issues that Trump had were high cholesterol that he wanted to 120 LDL. He also said that he would like him to lose 10 to 15 pounds, that he weighs 239 pounds and that they were working on a plan for diet and exercise. He said that the president was more amenable to amending his diet than to more exercise.

Trump has had a history of rosacea and high cholesterol and takes medicine for the cholesterol.

Jackson related that one of the most remarkable things about Trump’s health was how excellent his cardiac health was. A reporter asked how could that be, knowing the President’s predilection for McDonald’s and diet coke, and the doctor said, “Good genes.”

Jackson noted that his office was right near the Oval Office and he saw the president virtually every day and had never seen any reason to doubt his cognitive, mental or neurological health. The doctor said that there is nothing at all concerning to him about Trump’s health

He gave him the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test which he scored well on and presented no issue. He said this was the first time that any president had been given a cognitive assessment.

Jackson said that Trump was in mentally “very sharp.” He said that the president asked him to do the cognitive assessment that it was not indicated by anything in his present health. He said that the president thought it might be helpful to settle anybody’s question on the matter.

He put down anybody trying to make an mental assessment of Trump without having examined him.

The doctor also responded to a reporter’s question if he, Jackson, was told to not talk about anything or change anything, and the doctor said absolutely not.

He said the President told him to answer every single question the press might have in order to settle any question that the president might have. The doctor took questions for over an hour.

Liberals who had hoped to find something against Trump were absolutely livid that their hopes went up in smoke.

Good point made – Jackson was appointed White House physician by former President Barack Obama.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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