Durbin Asks Woman In Room During ‘S***hole’ Remark What She Heard — He Wasn’t Ready for Her Response

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Several Democrat senators wasted the nation’s time, Tuesday, grilling DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on whether or not President Donald Trump said that some countries were “sh**hole nations.”

Instead of talking about border security or what her department is doing about the threat of Islamist terror, at a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee Nielsen was subjected to round after round of left-wing Democrats asking her the same questions over and over again about the supposed comments that extremist Senator Dicky Durbin claimed Trump said during a closed-door immigration meeting last week.

After a meeting on a proposed compromise on Obama’s failed DACA program, Durbin insisted that Trump said that he wasn’t interested in immigration from Haiti, El Salvador or other “sh**hole nations” in Africa.

So far not a single person has fully backed Durbin up to prove that Trump made the “sh**hole” comment, but the media is reporting it as “fact,” anyway.

To capitalize on his firestorm accusation, Durbin used his time in the January 16 Committee meeting to continue to flog his claims that Trump used the slur and repeatedly demanded that Nielsen back him up on his proclamation.

Nielsen refused to do so saying that many of the people in that immigration meeting were using “tough language” on immigration. She even noted that Durbin’s favorite liberal Republican, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R, SC), was also using “tough language” in the meeting.

But her repeated answers to the absurd questions about the “sh**hole” comment didn’t satisfy the Democrats willing to turn the Committee meeting into a partisan attack fest instead of sticking to the business of the American people.

In fact, at one point Nielsen seemed to have had enough of the nonsense and told Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D, CT) that she had already answered the question. “Sir, respectfully, I have answered this question repeatedly,” she said adding, “I have nothing further to say about it.”

“She acknowledged several times that the meeting,” Fox News reported, “aimed at reaching a bipartisan immigration deal, was ‘very impassioned’ and said several of the lawmakers including Trump used ‘tough language.’ However, she said she did not hear Trump use the racially-tinged word or words attributed to him.”

“What I heard him say was that he’d like to move away from a lottery (based immigration system) to a merit-based one,” Nielsen said of what she heard Trump say during the private meeting last week.

But don’t let the media con you, dear reader. The media continues to report this “sh**hole” deal as if it were fact. The only FACT we know is that Dicky Durbin is the ONLY person directly saying that Trump used the word. No other person in that meeting has backed Durbin up on the precise word. And Trump denies saying it.

So, whenever you hear the media talk of this controversy, realize that it is an unproven allegation, not a fact.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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