Kamala Harris Offers Up Unhinged Response To Trump’s Immigration Proposal, Immediately Backfires

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A lot of conservatives and die-hard Trump supporters were not happy about Trump’s recently released plan to compromise with Democrats on immigration. There were a lot of good things in his plan. In fact, there were things in the plan that no other Republican could have ever gotten. You think any other Republican would be able to get wall funding? No way.  In case you missed it, here’s the latest from the White House.

From Fox News:

The White House Thursday released an immigration plan that would offer a path to citizenship for approximately 1.8 million of the so-called “Dreamers,” along with a $25 billion investment in border security — including for President Trump’s long-promised wall.

The nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute said it believes the largest share of the White House’s 1.8 million people who’d be eligible for citizenship — 1.3 million — are people who currently meet all of DACA’s eligibility requirements. These include years in the U.S., their ages now and when they entered this country, and whether they have a high school or equivalent education.

Another 400,000 are people who’d be eligible for DACA protection but for their education. And 100,000 more are people who are under age 15 –the minimum age allowed for most people requesting protection under the program.

Trump’s plan would restrict new family-based immigration to spouses and minor children, doing away with provisions allowing parents, adult siblings and others to enter the country. The sources said it would only end new applications for visas, allowing those already in the pipeline to be processed.

It would also end the diversity visa lottery program, which drew Trump’s attention after the New York City truck attack last year, redirecting the allotment annually to bringing down the existing backlog in visa applications.

Mixed bag.

The folks at Breitbart aren’t happy and you can understand why. They are calling Trump ‘Amnesty Don’ and that makes sense. Trump promised no amnesty and that’s exactly what this is.

At the same time, we have known for months that Trump was going to let the DACA kids stay. He’s been saying that for awhile. We just didn’t think he would offer up a path to citizenship. This isn’t a done deal and a lot can happen but obviously, conservatives are mixed on this because of the major concession Trump made.

You’d think that Democrats would react positively to this concession.  You’d think they would appreciate the fact that Trump is working with them.

Nope. They are still attacking this plan in some pathetic ways.

Check out what Dem. Sen. Kamala Harris had to say.

Twitchy had the perfect response…

From Twitchy:

Which value? Respecting the law of the land? Cherishing citizenship? Living here LEGALLY?


Twitter wasn’t impressed either and it was pretty clear very quickly that her tweet backfired.

Kamala is from California. The law doesn’t matter over there.

Trump could give Democrats everything they want and it wouldn’t be good enough for Kamala.  It’s pretty clear that she wants to run for president. There’s no other way to explain her behavior since coming to the Senate.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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