‘Champion of Women’ Hillary Clinton Caught Covering Up Again

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Hillary Clinton has claimed to be a champion for women. In fact, that was a chief part of her campaign, despite her past history of covering for her husband and going after his accusers. But now the final nail in the coffin of Clinton as a ‘champion for women’ may just have been hammered in.

From Washington Examiner:

According to the New York Times, Clinton shielded one of her advisers, Burns Strider, from being fired for repeatedly sexually harassing a younger staffer during her 2008 presidential campaign.

Surely, this is just a mistake, and Clinton had no say in the matter, her base might add.

“Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager at the time recommended that she fire the adviser, Burns Strider. But Mrs. Clinton did not. Instead, Mr. Strider was docked several weeks of pay and ordered to undergo counseling, and the young woman was moved to a new job,” reads the New York Times.

This can’t be real, you say. Clinton ran an inspiring 2016 campaign for president filled with love and inclusion against the serial misogynist womanizer with wandering hands, Donald Trump. Clearly, this is the work of the Trump campaign.

But wait, didn’t she tell victims of sexual assault and harassment that she was with them, that they had a right to be heard?

Guess not so much.

But not only did she not get rid of Strider. She kept him around in her ambit. And then he was accused of doing it again during the campaign in 2016.

And it’s not just that Clinton kept Strider on her campaign as an adviser because it was politically advantageous for her to keep him on. He stayed in Clinton World by serving as the senior adviser to the pro-Clinton super PAC, Correct the Record, where he was fired for workplace harassment. Additionally, the young staffer who he repeatedly sexually harassed was moved to a different job. Why should the staffer be punished for the sins of Strider?

What a champion for women. Allowing an accused harasser space to allegedly do it again.

After all, helping Clinton get elected and hold onto power is the most important thing. All else must fall to that great endeavor.

It’s what has motivated her all her life, it’s why she covered up for Bill and diminished and demeaned his accusers.

She doesn’t have room to care about women when the only person she truly cares about is herself.

Hopefully, this is the final nail that sends her back to the woods.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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