Trump Invites European CEOs to Dinner, What EVERY Last 1 of Them Did at Table Will Never Be Repeated by Media

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Trump’s ‘America First’ policies have been great for America so far. The stock market is booming. Jobs are coming back to America. Tax relief is coming for millions of Americans. However, the liberal media has done their best to pretend that the rest of the world is bugged by Trump. There have been plenty of stories out there about how the world is laughing at Trump for showing up to Davos which has long been considered a globalist, liberal, out of touch conference.

Well, that narrative didn’t last long.

Turns out that Trump’s visit has been a big success.

Benny Johnson has the details…

From The Daily Caller:

President Donald J. Trump hosted a dinner with European business leaders and CEOs at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Thursday evening. Trump has been making the rounds in Davos, holding bilateral meetings with other world leaders and conducting business roundtables. Trump met with various business leaders in shadow of the recent economic boom in America.

In a stunning moment, one by one, European titans of industry from companies like Adidas, Siemens and Bayer went around the table to thank Trump for the passage of tax cuts and the easing of corporate tax burdens. Almost every CEO had a new US-based investment or strategic business to announce.

How about that?

Heads of companies like Nestle, Novartis, Adidas, and many other big players were at the table and it sounds like they are all fans of what President Trump is doing from an economic standpoint.

Here’s more on how Trump was received at Davos.

From The Sun:

Theresa May gives her speech to a half-empty room in Davos as the crowds rushed out for Donald Trump

As she tried to reach out and seek “new partners” in trade after Brexit, her audience was instead elsewhere in the venue watching Mr Trump make his way inside.

Reporter Ryan Heath posted an image from the back of the room showing rows and rows of empty chairs, writing: “It’s half empty as Theresa May takes the stage in Davos.”

And another, John Stackhouse, put on Twitter a picture of the media scrum around Mr Trump just outside where Mrs may was speaking.

You gotta love the attitude that Trump has brought to Davos as well. He walked right up to the fake news media and called them fake news right to their faces.

From Breitbart:

“It wasn’t until I became a politician that I realized how nasty, how mean, how vicious, and how fake the press can be,” Trump said, as some in the audience booed.

He joked that the cameras were “going off in the back” after his comment. One reporter in the room noted that foreign journalists joined the boos from people in the audience.

Trump said he used to get great press from the media when he was a celebrity businessman but that reporters turned on him when he ran for president.

He commented that the fake news didn’t stop him from being president.


[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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