Fox News Sets Remarkable Milestone That Will Send Shock Waves Through Liberal Networks

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Fox News has had its share of problems of the last few years. The sexual harassment situation ultimately cost Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling their jobs. Megyn Kelly leaving was a big story. The passing of Roger Ailes and the questions about his legacy. Things have been rocky behind the scenes. However, in front of the camera things have been going great.  In fact, Fox News is still the king and it’s not even close.

The record they just set is just downright impressive.

From The Daily Caller:

Fox News has marked a major milestone by being the most-watched cable news channel for 16 consecutive years, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Fox continued to dominate the ratings in January, snagging four of the top five most watched shows on cable news. “Hannity” claimed the top spot with 3,269,000 total viewers, besting MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” which brought in 3,033,000 viewers. Fox rounded out the 3-5 spots with “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “The Ingraham Angle,” and “The Five.”

Overall, Fox averaged 1,494,000 total daytime viewers in January and 2,456,000 total primetime viewers. Comparatively, MSNBC averaged 1,001,000 daytime and 1,862,000 primetime viewers.

That’s complete and total domination.

Here’s more.

From Hollywood Reporter:

Maddow and Hannity engaged in another tight back-and-forth, with Maddow winning her first month in the demo since Hannity moved to 9 p.m. Her average of 678,000 adults 25-54 topped Hannity’s 660,000. Among total viewers, it was Hannity who held the advantage. The FNC flagship outperformed MSNBC’s golden gal, 3.27 million viewers to 3.03 million.

Overall primetime scores saw MSNBC narrow the gap with FNC among adults 25-54, up 51 percent from January 2017 with an average 412,000 in the demo to FNC’s 476,000. Both networks greatly outperformed CNN and its average 329,000 adults 25-54. It’s also worth noting that January 2017 was a particularly big month for the cable news networks, with many eyeballs tuning into the official transition between the Obama and Trump administrations.

Sounds like MSNBC is doing a little bit better than they have the last few years but that’s only because of the Trump hysteria. Once the Russia nonsense completely dies and the economy continues to thrive there won’t be much reason to tune into that network.

CNN and MSNBC have no one to blame but themselves. Fox News has a primetime lineup filled with conservative personalities. That’s true. But, Hannity, Laura, and Tucker don’t hide the fact they are conservatives. Everyone knows that. What Fox does that the other channels don’t is they constantly have the other side of the debate on for an honest conversation and the hard news that’s on during the daytime hours is as good as it gets.

Not only that, Fox News isn’t as conservative as people say. There have been plenty of times where personalities criticize President Trump. Have you ever watched Shep Smith’s show? It’s like a Trump bashing frenzy.

You’d think that these other networks would try to model themselves after Fox News. Clearly, it’s a winning formula. But, they don’t. Tune into the liberal networks and they are almost never talking about something serious that actually affects Americans.

Will they finally wake up someday?

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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