We Now Know Who Melania’s Special Guest Is at SOTU, Shows America Exactly Where Her Heart Is

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Trump’s SOTU speech is planned for Tuesday evening and it’s been the talk of the town in Washington over the last few days. Democrats, as usual, are planning to treat the speech as a publicity stunt. They will have DREAMers running around the balcony, there will be 6 Democrat responses to the speech, a lot of Democrats aren’t even showing up. It’s a mess. The liberal left has made the decision they will act like children. That’s actually going to play into Trump’s hands because it is believed that the speech will be a unifying one. Trump will be trying to unite the country while Democrats continue to try and rip it apart. Those optics are good for Trump.

The Democrats are bringing DREAMers (who they don’t really care about) to the speech. Lovely. Guess who Trump is bringing?

Here’s the full list.

From Politico:

Corey Adams — Welder from Dayton, Ohio, who, along with his wife, became a first-time home buyer last year. Sanders said he would take money saved from the president’s tax-cut package and set it aside to pay for his two daughters’ education.

Elizabeth Alvarado, Robert Mickens, Evelyn Rodriguez and Freddy Cuevas — The two couples are parents of girls killed by MS-13 gang members.

Matthew Bradford — Marine Corps veteran who stepped on an IED in Iraq in 2007, costing him both of his legs and his eyesight. He was the first blind double-amputee to re-enlist in the Marines.

Jon Bridgers — Founder of the Cajun Navy, a nonprofit group that engages in rescue efforts, most notably during the flooding in Houston that resulted from Hurricane Harvey last fall.

David Dahlberg — Fire prevention technician who saved 62 people, including children and staff members, when a Southern California wildfire encircled their camp last July.

Ryan Holets — Police officer from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who adopted a baby from parents addicted to opioids.

Ashlee Leppert — Coast Guard aviation electronics technician who engaged in rescue efforts during the historic hurricane season last year.

CJ Martinez — Supervisory special agent for the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations unit, whose investigations have led to the arrests of more than 100 MS-13 gang members.

Justin Peck — Army staff sergeant who aided a team member wounded last November by an IED, saving his life.

Preston Sharp — Creator of the Flag and Flower challenge, dedicated to honoring deceased veterans at military cemeteries by placing an American flag and a red carnation on their grave sites.

Steve Staub and Sandy Keplinger — Sibling founders of Staub Manufacturing Solutions in Dayton, Ohio, who were able to grow their business and offer their employees a larger holiday bonus, Sanders said, because of Trump’s tax-cut legislation.

Not only that, check out who Melania will have as her guest.

From Washington Free Beacon:

First Lady Melania Trump has invited a New Mexico police officer and his family to attend President Donald Trump’s first official State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Ryan Holets, an Albuquerque, New Mexico police officer, first made headlines when CNN reported last month that he and his wife had chosen to adopt a baby born to a homeless woman battling heroin addiction. Holets, a father of four, first encountered the mother in September, when she was eight months pregnant, while investigating a case of possible theft at a convenience store.

Melania is a class act through and through.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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