Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Torches Liberals Who Threw a Tantrum at SOTU Address

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Conservative celebrity Pat Sajak, long-time host of Wheel of Fortune, was just as dismayed as other Republicans while watching Democrats scowl and remain seated during President Trump’s State of the Union address.

He sent out the perfect tweet, torching liberals in the process…

From Conservative Tribune:

When the president talked about how the Islamic State group was on the run, they didn’t stand.

It was pretty noticeable for everyone, including “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak. In a Twitter post, he roasted the Democrats over their decision to keep their seats during most of the president’s speech.

“What a great prank!” Sajak tweeted Tuesday. “Somebody put glue on half of the seats at State of the Union Address!”


Trump’s four-word response for Dems who brought illegal aliens “DREAMers” to the SOTU won the night: “Americans are dreamers, too.”

From BizPac Review:

President Trump’s first State of the Union was filled with memorable moments. But no line is more memorable than the president’s case for the entire nation: Americans are dreamers, too.

It is an homage to the forgotten men and women who got the president elected. It pays tribute to our American heritage, including all the immigrants who legally came to this nation and bravely strove to build a better future for themselves and their children.


More on illegals, per BizPac Review:

Younger illegal immigrants in Arizona make up a far larger percentage of the state’s prison inmates than their share of the population would suggest, according to a new analysis.

While illegal immigrants ages 18 to 35 — a group immigration activists call “Dreamers” — are about 2 percent of of the Arizona population, they are almost 8 percent of the prison population. The over-representation by a factor of four shows that younger illegal immigrants in Arizona are far more likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens or legal immigrants of a similar age, says John Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center.


“Even after adjusting for the fact that young people commit crime at higher rates, young undocumented immigrants commit crime at twice the rate of young U.S. citizens,” Lott wrote in a report published Thursday. “These undocumented immigrants also tend to commit more serious crimes.”

Lott’s analysis uses data from the Arizona Department of Corrections, which identifies inmates by citizenship and immigration status. It compiles conviction data from 1985 through 2017, using criminal convictions as a proxy for criminality. That metric may actually understate the propensity for criminal behavior among illegal immigrants, because their victims, often illegal immigrants themselves, are less likely to report crime.

Trump’s first official State of the Union address was well received by Republicans. No surprise there.

Democrats weren’t fans of the speech, naturally.

Independents? They held the same view as the GOP.

From BizPac Review:

A whopping 97% of Republicans approved of Trump’s State of the Union address, while a stunning 72% of Independents did, according to a CBS News poll.

The Trump State of the Union address was the most tweeted-about in history (Twitter launched in 2008).

Fox News’ Brit Hume said “it will be interesting to see how it polls in a couple of days when the sample includes people who didn’t watch the speech but heard about it from the [anti-Trump] media.”

Three in four Americans approved of Trump’s address:

CNN did a little poll of their own and they quickly released they made a huge mistake.

If you watched the speech on Tuesday night, you saw the Democrats refusing to stand for Trump applause lines that went beyond party. He talked about the booming economy which is something everyone should get behind. Democrats just sat there with mean looks on their faces.

In fact, the look on Pelosi’s face throughout the speech was absolutely priceless.

Here is how Twitter reacted…


Couldn’t Pelosi at least have pretended to be respectful?

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]


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