We Just Found Out How Big The Boycott Of The Super Bowl Actually Is

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Sunday for many people, is Super Bowl Sunday. But for many people now, they are giving it up, in the name of a boycott against the NFL because of the anthem protests.

It’s hard to know exactly how many people will be joining the boycott. But a good predictor one might look to is the falling ratings for the NFL for the season.

It’s a lot. And it’s hitting places that would normally carry the game, even some who have years of tradition of watching the game, but are now deciding to take a stand.

From Todd Starnes:

American Legion and VFW posts, restaurants and bars, and even a bowling alley have decided they will not broadcast the Super Bowl game in their establishments — out of respect for veterans and law enforcement.

A giant electronic sign outside the Oneota Veterans Club in New York reads, “In honor of our country, our flag, our veterans.”

The Knights of Columbus chapter in Longview, Texas decided to end a decades-old tradition of broadcasting the game — over their “disgust” with the national anthem protests.

“The veterans are especially aggravated by the course of events. This especially hits us as an insult when people are disrespectful of our flag and national anthem,” chapter member Vance Lowery told television station KLTV.

People participating in the boycott weighed in with their reasons.

“They’re disrespecting our flag and our national anthem so we no longer watch NFL,” VFW Post 8951 member Bob Shank told the York Daily Record. “We have a bunch of veterans here who fought for that flag, fought for that national anthem.”

Ray Steadmon, the owner of Michigan’s Coloma Lanes, decided to replace his annual Super Bowl party with a “Stars and Stripes” bowling tournament.

“I have been a huge NFL football fan all of my life,” Steadmon told MLive.com. “This year when I watch these guys sitting in protest during our national anthem, disrespecting my country, disrespecting my flag, in my opinion, it made me so angry.”

And lawmakers are not happy either.

Andy Beck, the Mayor of Longview said that if you are a kneeler or wouldn’t honor veterans, he has “no place for you” in his life. He says that he hasn’t watched a game since they started protesting.

Georgia State Sen. David Shafer, who is running for lieutenant governor, also chimed in. He was particularly disgusted after the NFL rejected a Super Bowl ad from American Veterans that simply asked that people stand for the national anthem. The NFL rejected it saying that they don’t take ads that make “political statements.”

Standing for the national anthem is political?

They must forget the ad they ran last year agitating against a border wall. Or is that not political?

And they had no problem with people like Colin Kaepernick wearing ‘cops as pigs’ socks. Or is that not a political statement.

Shafer said the NFL has no problem saying no to veterans, but can’t seem to say no to protesters.

Social media had a lot of folks saying they would be boycotting.

Will this move the NFL? Given the recalcitrant attitude shown by them so far, it doesn’t seem likely.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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