Alyssa Milano Calls for Boycott of GOP for ‘Threatening Constitutional Order’ — Gets Flattened by 1 Tweet

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Over the last few years, 1980s actress Alyssa Milano (no relation to the delectable chocolate cookie) has re-fashioned herself as a social justice warrior ranting about Black Lives Matter and helping push the #MeToo sexual assault movement, and this week she has urged her low IQ fans to “boycott the GOP.” But with one hilarious tweet, Ben Shapiro shut her down.

Milano now seems to imagine herself to be an expert on the constitution and recently tweeted that America should “boycott” the GOP because the party is a “threat to constitutional order.”

Isn’t it cute when hasbeen actresses proclaim themselves to be constitutional experts?

Exactly what part of the constitution she thinks the Republicans have violated, Milano didn’t say. Probably because she doesn’t really know the answer to that question.

Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, though jumped to his own Twitter account and brought some sanity to Milano’s blather with one, short tweet that cut her down to size.

“You can’t boycott something you never patronized,” he tweeted on February 6.

Exactly right. Organizing a boycott of something you never had anything to do with in the first place is the very definition of meaningless. And there isn’t a single human on the planet who would be swayed to a boycott by the empty-headed antics of Alyssa Milano!

The rather clueless woman is routinely destroyed on Twitter, though. So, I guess she is used to looking like a nitwit by now.

Indeed, she was even excoriated as a “lie” by one of her own one-time acting associates, Rose MCGowan.

McGown — who is a bit of a nut, to be honest — has earned some props by steadfastly standing up against Hollywood leftists who have shielded rapists like Harvey Weinstein for decades. McGowan has likely damaged her own acting career by refusing to bow and drop her drawers for every liberal producer and powerbroker who has demanded her favors to get film roles.

But Milano has also played at being one of the denizens of Hollyweird who is standing up for women like McGowan has. Milano tried to help push the #MeToo movement, a Twitter movement aimed at encouraging women to break their silence on the past abuse they suffered and to stand against their abusers.

During a recent interview McGowan was asked about Milano’s efforts in the #MeToo movement. McGowan replied, “I don’t like her.” McGowan has been thoroughly disgusted with Milano’s weak activism on that front and recently slammed Milano on her faux activism for women.

McGowan slammed Milano as “a lie” and noted that she is married to an agent from the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), which she claims is “part of the pimp problem” in Hollywood, during an interview about the #MeToo Movement last week. McGowan said Milano is right in the middle of the agency representing the sort of rapists that McGowan has worked to expose and who Milano is calming to oppose.

So, Milano is a fake activist as far as McGown is concerned and McGowan has good reason to say that, too.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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