House Democrat Proposes Law To Protect Journalists From ‘Intimidation’

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In an act of protecting his own operatives, a California Democrat wants to make it a federal crime to intimidate or attack a “journalist.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has introduced a bill he is calling the “Journalist Protection Act” because Donald Trump has been too mean to Swalwell’s pals in the sold out, left-wing media

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The bill makes it a federal crime “to intentionally cause bodily injury to a journalist affecting interstate or foreign commerce in the course of reporting or in a manner designed to intimidate him or her from newsgathering for a media organization,” and “represents a clear statement that assaults against people engaged in reporting is unacceptable, and helps ensure law enforcement is able to punish those who interfere with newsgathering.”

“President Donald Trump’s campaign and administration have created a toxic atmosphere,” Swalwell claimed. “It’s not just about labelling reports of his constant falsehoods as #FakeNews – it’s his casting of media personalities and outlets as anti-American targets, and encouraging people to engage in violence.”

Swalwell went on to insist that journalists have been put at risk all across the country… and yet he didn’t cite any journalists harmed by any evil Trump supporters.

Still, the California leftist even noted that attacks on journalists haven’t only been criticized by Trumpers.

“Not all attacks on journalists this year have been committed by Trump supporters,” Swalwell admitted, “but the fact remains that rhetoric emanating from the world’s most powerful office is stoking an environment in which these attacks proliferate. We must send a loud, clear message that such violence won’t be tolerated.”

This idiotic bill is being co-sponsored by some of the most extreme haters in Congress including Reps. Steve Cohen (TN), Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC), Maxine Waters (CA), and Gwen Moore (WI).

This is all pretty problematic, of course. Who would qualify as a “real journalist” as far as these left-wing lawmakers are concerned? You can darn well guess that no one working at Breitbart News, the Daily Caller, or The Blaze would be covered as a “real journalist” as far as Rep. Swalwell is concerned.

So, who would this laugher of a law cover? Only the extreme leftists with whom Swalwell agrees. In other words, this fake law would only cover his political apparatchiks in the “news” media meaning he is only moving to “protect” people who toe his party line and push his agenda.

Essentially what Swalwell is trying to do is to create a new protected class for those who push his agenda and leave un-protected those who don’t support his ideas. This is nothing short of a backdoor effort to criminalize opposition and to put in danger anyone who won’t support his left-wing, anti-American agenda.

Welcome to the fascist America of Obama’s dreams.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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