Antonio Sabato Jr. Goes On ‘The View’, Leaves Hosts Speechless With Immigration Reality Check

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It’s getting really hard not to feel bad for the ladies over at ‘The View’. For a while, they would say things that were just plain infuriating. For example, Joy Behar thought it would be fun a few months back to imply that Trump is similar to Kim Jong Un.

From Fox News:

On “The View,” comedian Joy Behar and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) compared President Trump to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Warren was asked about the increasingly tense situation in North Korea.

Warren called Kim an “unstable man who has nuclear weapons,” when Behar interjected and asked if she was talking about Trump.

Warren smiled and said the dictator was about to deal with another “unstable man who has nuclear weapons,” referring to the president.

That caused a bit of a stir with conservatives and obviously, no rational person would make such a comparison.

But, that’s the thing.

Joy Behar and the ladies on her show aren’t rational people. On top of that, they clearly don’t actually read or follow the news. If they did they wouldn’t make half of the insane comments they make on a daily basis.

So, new rule. Let’s stop getting angry about what is said on the ‘The View’ and let’s just treat them as entertainment value. It’s entertaining to watch people on television who have no business on television. That’s what they are. Don’t get mad at them. Feel bad for them.

Check out what happened when Sunny Hostin asked the actor a ridiculous question trying to undermine his conservative stance on immigration.

From The Daily Caller:

“Let me ask you another thing difficult for me to understand,” Hostin said. “We talked about your family having to hide their identity during the Holocaust in Czechoslovakia and you came here at 12 years old from Italy speaking no English and this country embraced you.”

“You call yourself an immigrant, but you’re in favor of the wall being built, being paid for by the American people and keeping other immigrants out of the country much like yourself,” she added.

“The way I see it, I want the American people to be taken care of first,” Sabato, who is running for Congress in California, responded. “I don’t want the American people to take care of everybody else’s problem…”

“But if they felt that way when your family was coming over here you would still be in Italy,” Joy Behar interrupted.

“I came here legally. We had to wait in line and struggle and save a lot of money,” Sabato shared. “There’s people like that waiting in line. So, they deserve their chance. We need to legalize — I mean there has to be reform…but at the same time we need to protect our borders and build.”


But, it got even better. Behar tried to corner Sabato by explaining that the wall doesn’t work because people can fly here. She referred to the wall as a “waste of money”.

Sabato wasn’t having any of it.

He explained that the wall will save us money in the long run and then dropped this bomb on her.

“It’s done it for Israel. Mexico has a got a wall,” Sabato shared. “Why can’t we?”

Game. Set. Match.

Here’s the clip.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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