Portland Store Exposes the Hard Truth About Liberals with 1 Insane Sign

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Things never go well when you put Democrats in charge of a state or city. Think about all the major cities that are having serious financial problems or problems with crime. Baltimore. New York. Chicago. Los Angeles. What’s the common denominator? All those cities have been run by liberals for a very long time.

You can say the same thing about Portland. They aren’t in as bad of shape as Baltimore or Chicago but it’s still a very strange place to live.

Have you ever watched the show Portlandia? Portland is exactly like that just not as funny.

Portland is a place where liberal ideology trumps common sense 100% of the time.

For example, here’s what’s going on in Portland right now.

Wait, what?

This doesn’t seem to have been a joke either.

What planet are we on? Can you imagine if signs like this were put up in a store in Youngstown or Huntsville? They wouldn’t last 5 minutes. But, in Portland, nonsense like this makes sense.

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day.

Obviously, the patriarchy is a made up term used to pit people against each other and turn people into victims. The patriarchy isn’t doing anything to hold you back in 2018. Women can be whatever they want to be and are excelling in amazing ways all across the country in every single field.

If Portland wants to talk about real problems, how about they address the homeless issue in the city?

From Oregon Live:

The homeless population in Multnomah County increased nearly 10 percent in the last two years: There are now at least 4,177 people without permanent homes on any given night in Portland, the latest survey shows.

Homeless advocates and city and county leaders have warned that, despite more money and attention to the problem, the housing crisis is still forcing many people onto the streets.

Or maybe the drug problem?

From Oregon Live:

Crystal methamphetamine and heroin, both smuggled into Oregon by Mexican cartels, are widely available, increasingly used and continue to dominate as the most significant drug threats facing the state, according to a new report.

Police officers statewide ranked methamphetamine as the “greatest drug threat” to their communities, with the majority noting that it’s a significant factor in violent crimes and property crimes.

“Methamphetamine-related crime, such as abused and neglected children, identity theft, and other serious person and property crimes, continues to occur at a palpable rate and is prevalent throughout the region,” the report states.

What’s more important? Those issues? Or the patriarchy?

Skewed priorities like this are exactly why places like Portland aren’t taken seriously by the rest of the country.

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