Soros Exposed Dumping An Alarming Amount Of Cash Into Movement To Thwart Democracy

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June 23, 2016 was a remarkably important day for the world.

It was the day that Britain said enough is enough and voted to leave the failed EU experiment.

It was a victory for sovereignty. It was a victory for liberty. It was a victory for every single person in Britain whether they realized it or not.

Sadly, two years later. Brexit has not been fully implemented and Britain is still arguing about how to proceed and the EU officials in Brussels are doing everything they can to make sure this divorce doesn’t happen.

Some are even talking about holding a second vote on whether or not to leave the EU.

From Independent:

An increasing majority of people would back a second European Union referendum if Britain faced crashing out of the bloc without a deal, a new poll claims.

It comes after the national debate over a second referendum came under the spotlight last week when Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader, signalled he would support the idea.

While both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have repeatedly dismissed such calls, the new poll by BMG Research found that 57 per cent of those who expressed a view would back a fresh public vote if the UK was set to leave the bloc and resort to World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, with 43 per cent opposed.

Hopefully, that doesn’t happen. The people already voted and a second vote would only undermine that but the possibility just goes to show you how tumultuous things are over there.

One of the people hoping to capitalize and that tumult is one of shadiest liberal donors in the world.

Yup, George Soros is actively trying to stop Brexit from happening.

From Fox News:

Left-wing billionaire George Soros is pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into a campaign looking to sabotage British voters’ 2016 decision to leave the European Union.

The U.K. Daily Telegraph first reported late Wednesday that Soros has delivered £400,000 ($560,000) to the anti-Brexit “Best for Britain” campaign via his Open Society Foundations.

He also hosted big-money donors at his London home as part of the group’s goal to raise support to nix the implementation of the Brexit referendum.

Best for Britain is currently led by Lord Mark Malloch-Brown — a fomer diplomat and U.N. deputy secretary-general — and is reportedly planning a massive ad campaign to push for a second referendum to make voters rethink the decision to leave the E.U.

“George Soros’ foundations have, along with a number of other major donors, also made significant contributions to our work,” Malloch-Brown told Reuters. He also confirmed that the £400,000 number was accurate.

Not good.

The people of Britain voted. Soros didn’t like the result of the vote. So he’s using his money to try and reverse it. That should concern everyone.

George Soros represents everything wrong with Democrats today. He’s an abortion radical. He wants open borders. He thinks we can tax our way to prosperity. He supports and funds the violent radicals at Antifa.

He’s not a good person and he’s not looking out for the average American on Main Street.

He’s looking out for himself and we should always keep an eye on him.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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