Cher Attacks Trump For The Way He Treats Women, Conservatives Deliver Savage Response

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The vast majority of celebrities and Hollywood elites don’t like Trump. Which is weird because they used to love him before he ran for president. Celebs had no problem hanging around with Trump before he ran for president but then all of a sudden he magically changed from a good guy to a racist rapist monster.

One of the most outspoken Trump haters in America is Cher. She has made it very clear that she doesn’t actually follow politics, read the news, or talk to Trump supporters. If she did, there’s no way she would say something like this…

What is she even talking about? Do you think she even knows that Trump has more women in his cabinet than any president ever?

Some of the responses from her liberal followers were just plain strange.

Hard to believe there are people out there who believe this stuff. Hack job? That sums up liberal ideology pretty well. If something happens that I don’t like or didn’t see coming then it must be a “hack job”.

Fear not. There were plenty of savage conservative responses to Cher’s meltdown.


Democrats lost the ability to challenge anyone’s morality a long time ago when they propped up womanizers like Bill Clinton and the Kennedy men.

Nikki Haley, Ivanka Trump, Betsy DeVos, Kirstjen Nielsen, Elaine Chao. Sarah Sanders. Hope Hicks. Kellyanne Conway. What do you think those women have to say about Cher’s tweet? Those female voices don’t matter to Cher because they don’t agree with her on politics.

Cher doesn’t care about adding to the conversation or having an honest debate about policies. She just cares about grandstanding. If she actually wanted to have a conversation she would do her research and figure out that Trump has does an incredible amount of work to help women over his career.

Let’s also not forget that white women chose Trump over Hillary.

From Five Thirty-Eight:

Preliminary exit poll results show that while she won women by 12 points overall (Trump won men by the same margin, a historic gender gap),1 Clinton lost the votes of white women overall and struggled to win women voters without a college education in states that could have propelled her to victory. I wrote Tuesday night about Clinton’s collapse in the Midwest — she saw Ohio, Wisconsin and probably Michigan slip away, all states President Obama won in 2008 and 2012 — and this appears to be in part because of her performance among voters who don’t have a college degree, including women. In Michigan, Trump won those women along with white men, their support for him drowning out white, college-educated women’s votes for Clinton. She won that demographic by 10 points, but these women account for only two in 10 Michigan voters.

Cher is the one with the issue. Clearly.

H/T Twitchy

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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