If You ‘Need A Break From White People’ Then Vice News Has Perfect Documentary For You

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Identity politics. It’s what the left does best. They don’t view Americans as individuals. They only see white men, black women, gay men, Hispanic children. Every American is viewed and judged based on what they look like and not who they are. It’s really unfortunate and you can make a strong argument that it’s quite racist.

However, it’s an effective way to mobilize voters and Democrats take advantage of it at every turn.

Lately, complaining about white people has been a popular message on the left.

A new video from the ultra-liberal Vice News sums up that narrative pretty well.

From The Daily Caller:

A new video from Vice News published Friday focuses on a healing retreats for “Women of Color” where participants can go to get away from white people.

The founder says that white people are so destructive that they “shouldn’t even have passports.”

The retreat is called the “Women of Color Healing Retreat” and takes place in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Vice News notes that it “specifically banned white people.”

The narrator notes that one attendee “needed a break–from white people.”

Here’s a preview. Warning: It’s painful to watch.


Can you imagine the outcry if someone made a video talking about getting away from black people? The earth would fall off its axis. And yet, it’s totally cool to say whatever you want about white people.

It’s funny, we always hear about how Republicans are the party of old white people blah blah blah. Who did the Democrats choose to respond to Trump’s State of the Union? A white guy. Kennedy. Who are Democrats talking about in the next presidential race? A white guy. Biden. It obviously doesn’t matter that they are white but it’s interesting to note that Democrats aren’t exactly the most diverse bunch when it comes to people in power.

Shows like this don’t do anything to bring us together. In fact, all they do is drive us further apart.

Democrats today are obsessed with race. That’s never a good thing. The goal is to get to a point where race is irrelevant today’s left is nowhere close to that.

It’s also interesting to point out that minorities supported Trump more than Mitt Romney which directly contradicts this video’s phony narrative about the relationship between Trump (who is mentioned in the video) and minorities.

From NBC News:

Donald Trump performed stronger among black and Hispanic voters than Mitt Romney did as the Republican nominee in 2012, according to NBC Exit Polls.

Tuesday’s exit poll results have not yet been finalized but so far they show Trump outmatching Romney by two points in each voting bloc.

Trump claimed 29 percent of the Hispanic vote on Tuesday compared to Romney’s 27 percent in 2012. With blacks, exit polls show Trump claimed 8 percent of the vote to the previous Republican nominee’s 6 percent.

Clearly, Vice is the outlier here. Not Trump.

Shame on Vice News and shame on anyone who takes videos like this seriously.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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