CNN’s Jim Acosta Goes After Sarah Sanders Over Trump Tweet, Immediately Backfires

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The Rob Porter situation has gotten a lot of attention over the last week or so and you can understand why. Sounds like there was some pretty bad stuff going on in the personal life of one of the people closest to Trump.

From CBS News:

The allegations of abuse first appeared in a Daily Mail story published Tuesday, Feb. 6, around 7:30 p.m. ET. The story reported allegations by Porter’s second ex-wife, Jennifer Willoughby, that Porter had been verbally and physically abusive. And it also cited the June 2010 protective order Willoughby filed with the Arlington, Virginia police against Porter after he violated their separation agreement, refused to leave their apartment and punched the glass out in the front door of their home.

CNN’s Jim Acosta isn’t a guy who is particularly interested in reporting the truth or asking Sarah Sanders intelligent questions.  He shows up at the White House press briefings to do his best to embarrass the president. That’s all he cares about. That reality was on full display on Monday when he asked Sarah Sanders about the following Trump tweet that was clearly a reference to the Porter situation.

Trump is obviously correct there. It seems like no one ever talks about due process anymore. An allegation is a career ender and Trump is right to point that out.

Here’s what happened when Acosta tried to corner Sanders by calling Trump’s tweet “tone deaf”.

From The Daily Caller:

“I don’t think the president being on–supporting due process is not tone deaf. I think it is allowing things to be investigated and a mere allegation not being the determining factor. He is not taking a side necessarily one way or the other on any specific issue here. He’s talking about mere allegations shouldn’t be the determining factor for any individual, that there should be due process.”

“I think anybody here, if they were accused of something, hold on, I’m not finished…”

“Jim, hold on. What I’m saying is I think anybody here, if they were accused of something, would want the opportunity to go through due process. That’s all we’re saying.”

Here’s the clip.

If Porter did what they are saying he did he’s a bad person and he deserves whatever comes to him. However, what Sarah Sanders said it absolutely true.

Jim Acosta doesn’t actually care about what Rob Porter does at home and you can tell just by listening to him. He wants to put this on Trump. He wants to tie Porter’s behavior with Trump’s. That’s wrong on so many levels but it just shows you how insanely partisan the media has become. This guy is supposed to be reporting facts. Not badgering Sarah Sanders.

The last part of what Sanders said is important. She seemed to be hinting at the fact that a lot of journalists have been accused of wrongdoing recently and they would all expect due process. That’s correct. Every single one of us would be upset if we lost our job based on an allegation that didn’t end up being true.

And again, there is never any excuse to strike a woman. Ever.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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