Above the Law: We Now Know the Secret Reason Obama Aide ‘Resigned’

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Media has spent the last few days trying to somehow attack the White House for one of President Donald Trump’s aides being accused of physical abuse of a former wife. And that was the lead story that many in the media covered instead of the bombshell reports about the Democrats involvement in FBI surveillance on the Trump team.

But here’s a story that surely wouldn’t get much play in mainstream media.

From Free Beacon:

A senior policy adviser to former President Barack Obama pleaded guilty to one count of attempted voyeurism after resigning from his position in November 2016, recently released documents show.

William Mendoza was investigated and ultimately charged with attempting to take unsolicited videos and photos up the skirts or shorts of women in several Washington, D.C. metro stations, the Daily Mail reports. He resigned from his position with the Obama administration before the investigation into his actions concluded.

Mendoza, a married man with three children was the executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education. He was appointed by Barack Obama to the position.

In August 2016, the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Police Department informed the Department of Education that Mendoza was being investigated for acts of voyeurism. He resigned on Nov. 25 of the same year before the investigation concluded. Five days after his resignation, a WMATA detective obtained a search warrant for Mendoza’s government-issued laptop and iPhones.

But that wasn’t the only problem he had had while working for the Obama administration.

Prior to the voyeurism investigation, Mendoza had been accused of assaulting an autistic Native American student for wearing a Washington Redskins shirt in August 2016. Mendoza claimed the student was the aggressor in the confrontation. He was not arrested or charged with any criminal wrongdoing following the incident.

“He’s received treatment for the underlying issues that gave rise to this incident, and, with the strong support of his family, is moving forward productively with his life,” his lawyer said about the upskirt plea.

So let’s see.

The Obama administration knew that this man had been accused of assaulting an autistic Native American student in August 2016.

And there’s no question that they knew that he was being investigated for looking up women’s skirts after they were also informed in August 2016.

So why was he allowed to stick around another four months until November 2016?

If it’s an allegation made against someone in the Trump administration, it’s enough to run days of coverage and to try to accuse White House Chief of Staff of knowing and doing nothing (despite that not being shown to be true), in the hopes of damaging the White House and running Kelly out.

Yet where were the days of stories on this man? Don’t bother to look, they’re not there. There isn’t one mainstream media outlet that picked up this story today. Not even one as of the writing of this story.

Where is the anger about keeping him around for months when there was absolutely no doubt at all that the Obama administration knew about the accusations? Where are the calls to ax the people who knew?

Due process, you say?


Just not for anybody connected to the Trump administration.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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