Dad Who Lost Son To Illegal Alien Delivers Viral Message Every Democrat Should See

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A dad who lost his son at the hands of an illegal alien recently sat down for an interview to tell Democrats why America doesn’t need Barack Obama’s so-called DREAMERs. Now that video is going viral.

Bereaved father Jamiel Shaw, Sr., told Fox News in no uncertain terms that America doesn’t owe anything to illegals who were brought into this country as a child.

Shaw lost his son almost 10 years ago to date – March 2, 2008 — when 17-year-old Jamiel, Jr., was shot to death by an illegal alien who had been brought into the country from Mexico when he was only 3 years old.

According to The Associated Press, illegal alien Pedro Espinoza was sentenced to die for the murder size years ago.

Naturally, the killer claimed that he should be excused from the death penalty. But Mr. Shaw excoriated that claim.

“You don’t have a right to execute someone and then come in and plead not to be executed,” Jamiel Shaw said.

But the death of his son is played over in Shaw’s mind with every news report on Obama’s DREAMERs who insist that they should be given any manner of freebies courtesy of the American people just because their parents broke our laws and brought them here illegally.

But Shaw says we don’t owe these lawbreakers anything, according to Conservative Tribune.

Shaw Sr. is no stranger to the immigration debate. An outspoken Trump supporter, he spoke at the Republican National Convention that nominated Trump to the presidency in 2016; he was a guest at Trump’s first address to Congress in February 2017 (even though The Washington Post scoffed).

Shaw appeared on Saturday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends” to talk of his son and to reply to the controversy over illegals.

Saw says that there is no reason to expect that these DACA kids are innocents.

“I don’t believe we owe them anything, you know,” Shaw Sr. told “Fox & Friends” in an interview that has been “liked” more than 42,000 times and shared more than 13,000 times by Sunday afternoon. “They seem to believe just because they were brought over that that makes them a child of God … The guy that murdered my son was brought over at 3 years old. He didn’t stay 3 years old.”

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No, he didn’t. Eighteen at the time of the killing, Espinoza reportedly mistook Shaw Jr. – a high school athlete – for a Bloods gang member because he was a young, black man carrying a red backpack.

“He had three gun charges, his last one was assault with a deadly weapon, battery on a peace officer, and they only gave him eight months in the county jail. Let him out four months early …”

Watch the interview here:

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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