Death Toll Confirmed In Florida Shooting, Students Reveal Troubling Detail About Killer

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There aren’t words to describe what the people of Broward County, Florida are going through right now. A clearly disturbed teenager walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School around the time that school was letting out for the day and he opened fire.

We now we know that 17 people died.

From The Daily Mail:

The suspected gunman arrested after shooting dead 17 people and injuring up to 50 more at a Florida high school was a former student who had been expelled.

We have learned about an incredibly troubling detail. It sounds like all the kids at the school knew something like this was coming.

The teenager had been expelled from the school for unknown ‘disciplinary reasons’. Authorities have already started dissecting his social media accounts and reported that some of things he had been posting was ‘very disturbing’.

Traumatized students said that once they heard reports of a mass shooting at the school they knew it would be Cruz, while one teacher said he had been identified as a potential threat to his classmates last year.

Matthew Walker, a 17-year-old student at the school, told WFOR-TV that all his classmates ‘knew it was going to be him.’

‘A lot of people were saying it was going to be him,’ he said. ‘A lot of kids threw jokes around saying that he was going to be the one to shoot up the school. It turns out that everyone predicted it. That’s crazy.’

‘He was going class to class just shooting at random kids,’ he said. ‘Everything he posts (on social media) is about weapons. It’s sick.’

If that’s true, this school has a lot of questions to answer. How was a guy like that ever allowed on the campus? Reports have confirmed the school does have armed guards. Where were they? Why did no one pay attention to the social media posts and weird behavior? Those are clear warning signs.

Here’s a picture of the killer.

Children are always told to say something if they see something. Could that have saved lives here? Hard to be sure.

From CBS News:

A law enforcement source briefed on the shooting said the suspect appears to have pulled the school fire alarm, causing chaos, and then started shooting, reports CBS News news senior investigative producer Pat Milton.

The suspect was taken into custody without incident off campus, Israel said. He had been expelled for disciplinary reasons, and had at least one rifle and multiple magazines when he was taken into custody about an hour after the shooting started.

Cruz was seen being taken into custody before being placed on a stretcher and transported in an ambulance to the hospital. Doctors said he was treated and released to police.

Runcie called it a “horrific situation.”

“It’s just a heartbreaking tragedy,” Runcie said.

Runcie said the shooter entered the school during dismissal. Israel said the shooter was outside and inside the school at various times. Runcie said there was no warning or threats made before the incident.

Some of the current students told authorities they knew the suspect, Milton reports. Student Brandon Minoff, speaking with CBSN, said he had had classes with Cruz. Minoff described the suspect as a “strange kid.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with these families.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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