Fox News: Florida Shooter Member of ‘Resistance’ Groups, Searched Out ‘Allahu Akbar’

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By now, everyone in the country is most likely aware of the devastating Florida shooting which took place on Wednesday afternoon.

17 people were killed when crazed lone gunman Nicolas de Jesus Cruz stormed his former high school.

Fox News has reported that Cruz followed a number of ‘resistance’ groups online, implying he’s a far-left nutjob. Not only that, but he search ‘Allahu Akbar.’

Here’s the scoop…

From BizPac Review:

Fox News is reporting that suspected Parkland shooter Nicolas de Jesus Cruz followed “resistance groups in Syria” on his Instagram page.


“Yes, digging into a social media background,” MacCollum said, “as a share of said earlier there are some disturbing things as you dig deeper. Instagram there are pictures of him brandishing weapons and knives and there are some texts and captions that we really cannot repeat on television.”

As reported earlier, Cruz posted several images to Instagram with messages presaging his attack on the high school. One student told CNN that “everyone predicted” Cruz would carry out the attack.

Here are some of Cruz’s photos from Instagram:

AJC has more on Cruz:

-Cruz’s mother died in November. His father had died years earlier.

-He and his brother were adopted.

-He went to live with a friend’s family after his mother’s death.

-Cruz had been expelled from school


-He had posted “disturbing” material on social media, according to Israel.

-Buzzfeed is reporting that the FBI was warned about a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz after he posted in September that he was “going to be a professional school shooter.

The Miami Herald reports that a teacher at the school said Cruz had been identified as a potential threat to fellow students in the past. Math teacher Jim Gard told the Herald, “There were problems with him last year threatening students, and I guess he was asked to leave campus.”

-The shooting started outside the building, then Cruz went into the school and continued shooting


-Authorities think he walked out with other students after the shootings

-He had “multiple” magazines of ammunition

-He had an AR-15 weapon

-He had a gas mask and smoke grenades

-He pulled the fire alarm as he went into the school and then began shooting

-He was taken into custody off-campus

Heavy has more:

The motive for the Florida school shooting remains unclear, but some of the social media posts of accused school shooter Nikolas Cruz are getting attention, in particular a profile picture with a “MAGA” hat on Instagram. The slogan stands for “Make America Great Again,” which is President Donald Trump’s signature campaign motto.

The posts on the two Instagram pages attributed to Cruz appear fixated on weaponry, not politics, though.

The MAGA hat makes an appearance in a profile picture on one of the Instagram pages that Heavy has verified belonged to Cruz, 19, an expelled student who is accused of going on a rampage with an AR-15 weapon. On the page with the MAGA hat, the accused school shooter went by the handle @nikolascruzmakarov; MAGA stands for the slogan “Make America Great Again” and is President Donald Trump’s campaign motto. Makarov is the name of a Russian-made pistol.

RIP to all of those who lost their lives (and the families who are suffering) at the hands of this truly evil individual.

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]


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