Not a Coincidence: The Dress In Michelle Obama’s Portrait Has Sneaky Message Hidden In It

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Unfortunately, the Obamas are once again in the news, this time after their official portraits were unveiled — and a more hideous pair of paintings you never did see. But while many scoffed that the portrait of Michelle looks nothing like her, many may have missed the fact that there is a secret message hidden in her dress.

The former first lady’s portrait is probably the more hideous of the two, and many people have focused on the fact the portrait’s face looks nothing at all like Michelle Obama. Some have even joked that the painting looks more like a bored Beyonce than it does Michelle.

But the dress that Michelle is wearing in the image is the real message and few have noticed.

The woman hired to create this monstrous piece of “art” is a social justice activist named Michelle Smith. This artist has a long history of using her art to support the gay agenda, black lives matter, abortion and other left-wing issues.

According to the Washington Post, the dress Obama is wearing in her official portrait is a paean to the radical gay agenda.

Artist Smith, who runs a design company named Milly, said that the dress she put Obama in is based on a similar dress she designed to support the radical gay agenda in 2017. Smith celebrated the portrait in an Instagram post… that didn’t mention the gay agenda hidden in the dress.

So, how do we know that the dress is a secret message of support for the gay agenda? Because the Obama dress is a near duplicate of the one Milly made that was directly stated as a representation of gay issues.

As Western Journalism reported:

Smith, who co-owns the design company “Milly,” told The Washington Post that the dress Obama wore in the portrait was based off a similar design from her spring 2017 collection.

At that time, just months after Trump was inaugurated, Smith’s inspiration came from a “desire for equality, equality in human rights, racial equality, LGBTQ equality,” she said.

She highlighted the emphasis on different types of laces and ties in that collection — elements that were supposed to hearken a “feeling of being held back … that we’re not quite there yet.”

So, the dress Obama is depicted in is a near exact copy of the LGBTQ dress Milly made last year.

The artist also has a long history of pushing a militant gay agenda.

She has released photos of women kissing each other, and in 2018, she used gender fluid model Elliott Sailors to promote her work.

In November 2017, moreover, she ranted to Teen Vogue that under Trump, the rights she “had sadly taken for granted” now felt “threatened.” Smith had hoped and assumed the U.S. would have its “first female president,” but she was mistaken.

“What I had felt to be an extraordinary triumph for equality — the election of an African-American president — was my children’s normal. Gay marriage and LGBTQ equality was their normal,” she said.

Smith is also a big supporter of the baby murdering operation Planned Parenthood.

So, instead of an official portrait, we have to get social activism. These Obama’s can’t do anything straight, can they? Everything has to have some underhanded, secret, left-wing agenda attached to it.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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