Chelsea Handler Goes After Trump Family Again On Twitter, Don Jr.’s Response Was Pure Gold

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Chelsea Handler doesn’t really follow politics. That’s pretty clear when you read her Twitter feed. She simply doesn’t know what’s going on and that’s unfortunate because she’s built quite a following and her followers don’t realize they are getting some very bad information.

Here’s Chelsea’s latest contribution to the political conversation in this country.

What is she even talking about? Flip over what? The completely made up Russian collusion hoax?

Trump Jr. wasn’t impressed and his response was perfect.

From The Daily Wire:

Trump responded in kind, mocking Handler for recently having her Netflix show canned after just two seasons. “I’d say stick to comedy but you weren’t funny enough to avoid cancellation of your Netflix show. Stay away from politics — no reason to suck at two things,” he wrote in a tweet.

The oldest Trump son also noted Handler’s reneged-upon vow to leave the United States if Trump’s father were to take the White House. “Hey, Chelsea, now that your show is canceled it’s not too late to make good on your promise. Really no excuse for you to stay anymore,” said Trump, linking to a piece from The Hollywood Reporter.

Chelsea Handler really needs to just relax a little bit. She’s gone completely off the deep end and it’s gotten to the point where it’s just embarrassing.

Chelsea does provide a good service, though. Her unhinged rants do nothing but help Trump become even more popular.


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