Furious Trey Gowdy Goes Off After Seeing What Democrats Have Up Their Sleeve at Kavanaugh Hearing

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Its definitely a bummer that Trey Gowdy isn’t going to be in Congress much longer. We all would have liked him to go a little further with the Benghazi investigation but other than that he’s really been rock solid. But, he’s not gone yet and he reminded us of that this week when he was talking about the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing circus.

Cory Booker has gone completely off the deep end and he even called himself Spartacus for lying during the hearing.

It was a mess.

Check out what Gowdy had to say about it all.

From Fox News:

That’s not the Cory Booker that I know,” Gowdy (R-S.C.) said on “The Story” Thursday. “That is not the Cory Booker that I discuss criminal justice reform with. That is someone that is trying to position himself as the front-runner, so he can take on Donald Trump.”

He said it’s a shame to see what presidential politics can do to otherwise reasonable people, and he believes the American people are sick of “four-year-long presidential election cycles.”

“They missed a wonderful opportunity — the Senate did — to have a robust, interesting hearing about judicial philosophy and whether you’re a strict constructionist or you’re a minimalist,” Gowdy said.

“What I watched over the last couple days was a lot of people who want to be the nominee in 2020, and it’s sad.”

Trey Gowdy is a rock star in the Republican Party and he’s definitely going to be missed. But, he clearly got tired of how nasty things have become as a result of the Obama presidency. Back during the Obama years, that’s when it became normal for politicians to say insane things about each other. Obama said terrible things about Fox News, Democrats called Tea Party people terrorists and racists, etc.

Sure, a lot of that has continued during the Trump era but those rules were already established by the Obama Democrats. It’s a little strange to blame Trump for continuing with the ground rules that were already in place.

You simply aren’t paying attention if you don’t think Obama started all that.

The nastiness isn’t for everyone and clearly Gowdy is over it.

We will have to wait and see what he does next. Some people out there think he could be the guy to replace Sessions as attorney general. That would sure be something.


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