HE WASN’T DONE: Benghazi Hero Reemerges on Anniversary of Attack to Deliver Obama a Message He’ll NEVER Forget

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Kris Paronto got in trouble with Twitter for fighting back when former President Barack Obama called Benghazi a “wild conspiracy theory.” As one of the heroes in Benghazi, he knows the grave reality of what happened on that day, six years ago, and how much Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton failed the people who were there and who died. He got suspended by Twitter for calling out Obama but he’s not letting that stop him and he’s doubling down on his criticism of Obama.

Obama was in Illinois to receive an award for “ethics in government” when he demonized Republicans saying that the politics of “division and resentment and paranoia had found a home in the Republican Party.”

He then used Benghazi as an example, calling it a “wild conspiracy theory.”

Kris Paronto responded on Twitter:

And he doubled down on the criticism when he appeared on “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday.

Paronto saved over 20 lives and fought off terrorists for 13 hours and he called it a “slap in the face”

From Fox News Insider:

“To hear Obama say that, it’s just another slap in the face,” Paronto said. “It makes all of us tremendously angry, because he’s trying to rewrite history and say that Benghazi didn’t happen.”

Paronto said the attempt by Obama and Hillary Clinton to rewrite history was why he had to keep speaking out about the truth.

Paronto was one of the security contractors who fought to repel terrorists from the besieged American diplomatic compound.

“You had Hillary Clinton say, ‘What difference does it make?’ That was hurtful, that was hurtful to the families. And now you’ve got Barack Obama calling it a ‘conspiracy,'” Paronto said, saying it is “disgraceful and sickening” that they refuse to honor the families of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

He chastised Obama and Clinton for their lies and failure to take responsibility for the tragedy before, during and after the attack.

“But then you remember the courage and the sacrifice of especially my teammates — Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty — who gave everything,” Paronto said. “So, you try to find the positives of it, the positives of the great American spirit and the positives of patriotism, of service members giving of themselves so others may live.”



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