Turns Out Obama-Hillary Fired Benghazi Heroes When They Landed in Germany, Made Them Find Own Way Back Home

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Jason Chaffetz is a Fox News contributor and former Utah congressman and he was one of the first U.S. representatives to visit Benghazi after the attack on Septemeber 11, 2012. He hit out at former President Barack Obama for calling Benghazi a “wild conspiracy theory” and he explained the horrible thing that the Obama administration did to the Benghazi heroes.

First Chaffetz hit Obama for failing to protect the people at the mission and the CIA compound.

From Fox News Insider:

He said Obama failed to protect the Americans stationed at the Benghazi compound and he failed to act in the aftermath of the deadly attack, and now he cannot “rewrite history.”

“It is offensive to the men and women who served in Libya, who served this country and who serve in the United States military, because that president — President Obama — failed to act,” said Chaffetz, who chaired the House Oversight Committee from 2015 to 2017 and led investigations into the attack.

“Shame on the president for saying that,” Chaffetz said.

There had been many threats against Western targets and two prior attacks on the mission itself, including a prior one by Al Qaeda in June 2012 that blew a hole in the compound wall and a bombing in April involving a compromised security guard.

Yet, even knowing that, they still didn’t increase the security or pull the people out, despite desperate pleas from the people in Libya on the ground.

Chaffetz also appeared with Fox’s Sean Hannity and explained what the Obama administration had actually done to the CIA contractors who survived the attack.

He explained that they were fired after they arrived back in Germany following the attack and had to figure out how to get home from there, despite the fact that they risked their lives and saved many others.

From Gateway Pundit:

Jason Chaffetz: You know what happened when they actually got home? Those people saved dozens of American lives. When they got home you know what the State Department, Hillary’s State Department did? They took away their security clearance so they couldn’t get a job. It’s unbelievable. That’s how they treated these guys. When they were there in Germany. When they were there in Germany. They didn’t send them home. They didn’t offer them plane tickets. They just told them they were released. They had to pay for their own plane tickets to get home.

Completely disgraceful.


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