Matt Drudge Warns Midterms Could Be a Bloodbath For GOP, But Has Cryptic Message of Hope

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On Friday, conservative news pioneer Matt Drudge made a big prediction about the upcoming midterm elections that President Donald Trump and Republicans aren’t going to be very happy about.

The Drudge Report owner was clearly projecting bad news, making a comparison to what happened to Barack Obama in 2010.

From Daily Caller:

Drudge, who runs the influential Drudge Report, compared the upcoming midterms to the electoral bloodbath Democrats suffered in the 2010 midterm elections under former President Barack Obama.

“Trump and Obama both have 47% approval at this time of presidency, according to Rasmussen. Trump will also lose 60 seats in the House like Obama did during first midterm!” Drudge wrote on Twitter.

But he left open a spot of hope, adding mysteriously, “Unless…”

He did not elaborate on what the “unless” was.

Typically, the party out of power does make gains in Congress in the midterm so it’s not unusual if it occurs.

Democrats have to gain 23 House seats in November in order to flip the lower chamber. Democrats have an 83 percent chance of retaking the House, according to FiveThirty Eight.

It is much less likely that that Democrats would take the Senate, but the Republicans may lose seats there as well.

But if Democrats do manage to take the House, it raises the specter of non-stop gridlock and/or an attempt to impeach Trump. Not because they think they think they could win, but because they want to tie up the administration and prevent things from getting done.

It’s hard to know how accurate such a prediction is, since media was almost universally wrong in 2016.

People weren’t necessarily buying Drudge’s prediction, but urged each other to get out and vote, noting the “hidden” Trump factor. Perhaps that’s the “unless.”


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