‘Abracadabra’: Don Jr. Sends Brutal Wake Up Call To Obama After He Tries Taking Credit For Trump’s Economy

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President Obama was a disaster when it came to the economy. Democrats can throw around all the fake charts they want and talk about all the federal jobs Obama added all they want to but it doesn’t change the reality that Obama presided over the slowest economic recovery since World War II. Yes, he was dealt a bad hand but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the economy was crawling during the majority of his presidency.

Then, low and behold, Trump showed up and things immediately started getting better.

Recently, Obama gave a speech taking credit for the economy almost 2 years after he left the White House.

Obama is frustrated. It’s obvious when you listen to his speech that he knows his legacy is being erased by Trump.

From Breitbart:

“The biggest joke I’ve seen in the last two years is Obama claiming credit–trying to claim this economy,” Trump Jr. said, “because his policies of over-taxation, oppressive regulation, guess what? That didn’t do anything. That drove this country into the ground. That led to the worst recovery in the history of probably economics but certainly our country’s history. For him to run around doing this now–there’s a reason why on November 9, 2016, all of those matrices shot up like a rocket. It’s because businesses, employers, people realized you got someone who’s actually going to fight for you, not fight just for special interests, not fight for people in countries that hate our guts, but actually fight for real Americans. Real Americans, their jobs, their companies, their businesses. That’s what happened, and when consumer confidence started going up the day my father won because they knew he wasn’t going to oppress them, everything started following. I want to keep that going; that’s how we get rid of some of the other problems we’re having. That’s how we get rid of unfunded pension liability. That’s how we get rid of some of our deficits, is by producing, having GDP numbers above four percent. Okay, remember when Obama said you need a magic wand to make that happen? Well, abracadabra, Obama. We’re doing it.”

Nailed it.

Obama has to be regretting that comment he made back in 2016 about Trump thinking he can fix the economy with a magic wand.

You almost kind of feel bad for Obama don’t you? He was in so far over his head and so arrogant at the same time.

It’s preposterous for Obama to take credit for the current economy. Don’t take it from me. Take it from the great Stephen Moore.

H/T Real Clear Politics


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