Ocasio-Cortez Gets Blasted For Wearing $3500 Outfit, Her Response Is Hilarious

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Gotta love when hypocritical Socialists get called out.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, everyone’s favorite empty-headed socialist, has been running everywhere trying to promote other socialists in the midterms since she’s virtually assured to win her election in New York City.

But she got blasted for what she was wearing during a photo shoot for Interview magazine. She was pictured in a working-class neighborhood with construction workers. But she was decked out in a $3500 outfit. She had on a Gabriela Hearst blazer ($1,990), Gabriela Hearst pants ($890), and some Monolo Blahnik shoes ($625).

Her look got a lot of response.

From Daily Wire:

“I’ve never met a socialist who had the faintest idea of redistributing a penny of their own money. They’re all about taking all the time,” said one Redittor.

“As a barmaid she took all $500 of the tips after a holiday night at the bar, stiffing the waitresses with only $50,” said another. “She is only a socialist if she can take as much as she wants and leave the scraps for everyone else.”

Said yet another: “No, she’s a real socialist. This is what socialism is. You tell the people that they deserve more, and those stinky ‘rich’ people aren’t paying their fair share. Then you join the ranks of the elite, bu[y] expensive clothes, lake houses, Audis, etc., and you’re set. This is socialism. This is literally what it is.”

But Ocasio-Cortez effort to defend herself in what has to be one of the funniest responses ever, which in turn sparked still more fun.

Wait, what?

H/T Twitchy


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