SHOCKER: Dick Durbin Calls to Delay Kavanaugh Vote Because of #MeToo Claim, Gets Nuked By Best Person Ever

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You knew that Democrats were going to try to pull every trick in the book to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed. And they’ve proved that with their lies and disruptions during the hearing and the last minute hit job dropped by Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Now comes the next part of the theatrics. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is now calling for the confirmation vote on Kavanaugh to be delayed because of the anonymous #MeToo claim. But people are having none of it and one very pertinent voice has a special message for him.

Durbin called to delay the vote. He claimed that Republicans were withholding documents related to Kavanaugh from the Bush administration, that Kavanaugh had lied and that there were just “far too many questions swirling around his nomination.”

They’ve already provided more documents on Kavanaugh than anyone in history and he’s already answered more questions than anyone in history including over 500 from people who already said they have no intention of voting for him anyway. Tthere are his 300 opinions out there for all to see to determine how he would judge.

Durbin then tried to zero in on the anonymous claim against Kavanaugh.

So in other words, Senators should disregard the record and everyone who has testified on it, for the sake of someone who isn’t willing to come forward or even give her name to the police, whose story has already been denied not only by Kavanaugh, but by the other person in the room, Mark Judge.

And speaking about ‘sitting on documents,’ Feinstein had the anonymous claim since July and did nothing about it, not telling anyone else about it, as the person indeed wished. She only dropped it at the last minute after the hearings were over and it couldn’t be examined. That’s despicable and you can’t have it both ways.

People gave Durbin the gate.

But perhaps the best possible came from someone who had a legitimate #MeToo allegation, that she made on the record and hasn’t stopped making for almost forty years.

And did he support her allegations here or even ask about them? Show his concern?


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