WNBA Champions Reveal Whether Or Not They Will Visit Trump’s White House

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Sadly, sports has gotten to a point where athletes often decide to put their own personal politics before the country. That’s clearly happening in NFL stadiums across the nation when players decide to make political protests during the small window of time that’s specifically designated to respect the flag and be united. We’ve also seen teams decide that they won’t visit the White House and respect the highest office in the land because the guy in that office currently is mean or something.

It’s sad.

Now, another professional sports team is saying no to the White House. The WNBA champion Seattle Storm are not going to visit Trump.

There’s just one little problem.

They weren’t invited.

From The Daily Wire:

In case you missed the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) championship last week, the Seattle Storm beat the Washington Mystics 98-82.

After the game, Storm point guard Sue Bird said the team would decline an invitation to the White House should one be offered.

“At this point does it even need to be discussed?” said Bird, a 17-year veteran, according to The Seattle Times. “It’s come up. We pay attention to what happened with Minnesota and not getting invited. … We all pay attention to what’s going on.”

But then she said, “It’s a huge disappointment. [It] used to be something that’s really special and something that was an honor and you look forward to.”

So, they haven’t been invited and they are very disappointed but they wouldn’t go anyway if invited. Got it.

You know why Trump didn’t invite them? Because he clearly realizes that teams are just turning this into an opportunity for political grandstanding. He’s not interested in an event that’s going to make him look bad so he’s saying forget it.

Last year’s WNBA champs weren’t invited and the liberal left chalked it up to Trump hating women. How ridiculous is that whole hating women thing? They attack Trump for hating women but then turn around and say he’s obsessed with women at the same time.

Liberals will of course applaud this decision.

Conservatives not so much.

These players have every right not to come but it’s pretty embarrassing that they can’t stomach going to the White House if they don’t agree with the president. We’ve become so fragile as a society. Suck it up and go. Heck, you could maybe even use it as an opportunity to talk to the president and express your concerns? Then maybe you could actually widen your understanding a little bit. Nah. They don’t want to do that. They want to impress their friends by dissing Trump.



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