Woman Who Claimed Harassment By ‘Trump Supporting Teens’ Arrested For False Report

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. But when you commit a crime because of it, you’re really going over the edge.

What was going on in Adwoa Lewis’ mind is not clear, but police arrested her for making a false report about “Trump supporting teens” harassing her.

From Daily Wire:

Lewis gave Nassau County police a written statement on Friday claiming to be the victim of a hate crime which she said happened while “she was driving home in Long Island September 2 when four teens confronted her,” the Daily Mail reported.

Lewis claimed that the four teens yelled “Trump 2016!” before they told her that she “didn’t belong here.”

Lewis said that she found that her tires had been slashed the next morning and found a note on her car that said: “Go home.”

She also claimed that during the confrontation the teens yelled, “Trump will make America great again.”

Her father directly blamed Trump for the incident.

From News 12:

“That’s the kind of environment we’re in right now, especially if you are an immigrant in this country. It’s sad,” he says. “We work hard in this country, we had to build this country. Why are we treated this way? It’s like we’re not welcome. I am a citizen.”

William Lewis says he is close with many of his neighbors, but says recently, things have only become more difficult for immigrants.

“You have somebody in the White House professing those things, man. He’s spurring people on to do those things. After being here for 30 years, this is my home. But I’ll be honest with you, they’re not gonna outrun me. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere,” he says.

Except not so much.

After ‘extensive investigation’ into the claims, the police figured out it was all a hoax and that the confrontation she claimed never happened.

Police say that she subsequently admitted to making it all up and writing the note herself.

The 19-year-old was charged with making a false statement.


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