Alyssa Milano Busted For Breaking Rules At Kavanaugh Hearing

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If you watched the Kavanaugh hearings yesterday you probably noticed a lot of weird things. You probably noticed how Christine Ford’s story didn’t add up. You probably noticed what a disgusting performance Democrat senators put on. You probably noticed Dem. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee passing a note to Christine Ford’s lawyer. A lot of strange happenings on a strange day. One of the oddest aspects of Thursday’s circus was the fact that liberal activist and Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano was sitting behind Kavanaugh while he was testifying and you could see her smirking over his shoulder basically the entire time.

How is that allowed? What in the world is she doing there?

It looks like she was breaking the rules as well.

From The Daily Caller:

Alyssa Milano got busted Thursday breaking the no videotaping and photographing rules when she attended the hearing for Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“Finally. @Alyssa_Milano has been breaking room rules for this hearing by videotaping and photographing on and off all day. A guard just went over and told her to stop,” A CNN reporter tweeted, along with a clip of a security guard walking over to her and the “Charmed” star then putting down her phone.

Good. It’s a good thing someone said something. Alyssa Milano wasn’t there as a serious person who wanted to hear Kavanaugh out there. She was there to grandstand.

Her Twitter account has been a dumpster fire the last few days.

Maybe stick to acting Alyssa.


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