Sen. Judiciary Committee Makes Big Announcement Following Conclusion Of Kav Hearing

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The wild ride finally came to a close Thursday evening and both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford had the opportunity to speak. Many people thought that Ford did a good job and it seemed like many senators on both sides of the aisle were moved by what she said. However, there were many holes in her story and she had a hard time remembering some very basic details from just a few months ago. Not ideal. Kavanaugh came out firing right out of the gate and it seems like his confidence came across as very genuine.

Now, we have some idea of how the GOP senators feel.

The committee vote scheduled for tomorrow will move forward.

Not only that, a floor vote has been scheduled for Saturday.

That Saturday vote probably doesn’t get immediately scheduled if senators aren’t pretty confident that they have this one in the bag.

Obviously, anything can happen but this is a good sign for the GOP.

Many people think this vote is going to go down straight party lines at 51-49. The GOP can afford to lose a Collins or a Murkowski and then Mike Pence would step in to cast the deciding vote. Who knows what Joe Manchin is going to do. It’s going to be fascinating to watch but if Kavanaugh was able to convince all the GOP senators that he’s telling the truth then this thing is done and the Democrats have failed.

We are starting to see some hints about how some senators are leaning.

Things seem to be falling into place for Republicans.

See what happens when the GOP fights for a change?


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