‘Think Progress’ Editor: ‘Confront’ Republicans Not Just ‘Where They Eat,’ But ‘Where They Sleep’

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On Friday, Ian Millhiser, justice editor at the hard-left site Think Progress, who got his law degree from Duke University, decided to wax militant regarding Republicans, tweeting they should be confronted not only where they eat, but in their own bedrooms.

Here’s his tweet, which is still up. He was citing a video where two women, including the co-executive director of a Soros-funded group, cornered Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator and screamed at him about believing survivors.

Millhiser encouraged people to harass Republicans.

“Tell me again why we shouldn’t confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work until they stop being complicit in the destruction of our democracy.”

He has not had to take it down and he has not been suspended by Twitter.

They still have not let James Woods back on Twitter for almost 10 days after posting a funny meme that didn’t threaten or encourage harassment of anyone. He refuses to delete it, so he remains locked out of his account.

But this tweet from Milheiser apparently is just hunky-dory.

Now obviously, it’s this kind of crazy leftist radicalism that is harming the republic and trying to shut down any thought different than their own in a very fascistic, cult-like way. But calling for confronting people in their homes is a new level of crazy.

And people let Millhiser know that this new gambit of trying to confront people in their homes, in their bedrooms, wasn’t going to turn out well for those crazies on the left.

H/T Twitchy, Daily Wire


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