Julie Swetnick Goes Back on Sworn Statement: Now Isn’t Sure If Kavanaugh Spiked the Punch at Party

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Julie Swetnick’s claims against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are crashing now after she went on NBC and seemed to backtrack or change certain aspects of her prior statement. The client of the creepy porn lawyer couldn’t seem to keep her claims straight in her head during the interview.

Swetnick had not claimed that Kavanaugh had assaulted her in anyway.

She said that she had seen him and Mark Judge trying to spike the punch at the house parties where gang rape went on and she kept attending the parties.

Now she says she did not actually see him spike the punch. And she couldn’t even keep his name straight.

From Washington Examiner:

Swetnick, in her sworn statement, alleges she “became aware of efforts” in the 1980s by Kavanaugh and his Georgetown Preparatory School classmate Mark Judge, among others, to “spike the punch at house parties I attended with drugs and/or grain alcohol so as to cause girls to lose their inhibitions and their ability to say ‘no.'”

But when asked by NBC News Monday whether she saw Kavanaugh slip substances into drinks at those gatherings, Swetnick said she only witnessed him “by” the punch.

“I saw him giving red solo cups to quite a few girls during that time frame and there was grain punch at those parties,” she said. “I would not take one of those glasses from Mark Kavanaugh — Brett Kavanaugh, excuse me.”

“I saw him around the punch, I won’t say bowls, the punch containers,” Swetnick continued. “I don’t know what he did. But I saw him by them, yes.”

While she had never seen one of these “gang rapes” of other girls, she had claimed she saw Kavanaugh and Judge waiting in lines to go into the rooms where the girls were in her statement.

Now during her NBC interview, she seemed to back off that as well.

From Daily Wire:

However, in the interview with NBC News, Swetnick said they did not stand in lines but “huddled by doors,” and that she “didn’t understand what it could possibly be.”

Swetnick said that she had no idea what the boys were doing outside the doors until she claims she was raped, and then in hindsight claimed that it was “just too coincidental.”

Her prior statement had come under attack because she said that these were gang rape parties with lines of boys waiting to rape girls but that she kept going to the parties. Now she tries to be cleaning up what she said previously to make her attendance seem more logical but doesn’t get that it now diminishes the claim against Kavanaugh.

NBC also noted that they were not able to verify any of her claims.

Swetnick has also come under question for filing a lot of lawsuits and allegedly previously making false statements in the process of those lawsuits. Her ex-boyfriend also told Politico that she had threatened him and his family. “She’s not credible at all,” he said. “Not at all.”


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