Man Who Allegedly Defaced GOP HQs Gets Caught After Interview on TV

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Earlier in the week, the Winnebago County Republican headquarters in Illinois was vandalized with the words, “rape” and “shame” spraypainted all over the building as well as the date “9/27/18.” It was a pretty vile crime. But what happened afterward with the alleged perpetrator was a spin no one probably would have predicted.

As media was interviewing local residents about the vandalism, Eyewitness News WTVO interviewed the man who allegedly perpetrated the crime, Timothy Damm, 42.

Damm said he lived up the street and had been having trouble sleeping at night with what had been going on with the Supreme Court hearings.

He praised the vandalism, saying, “It’s great.”

“I haven’t been great with the Republicans in my neighborhood, but somebody labeled them for what they are. I’m happy about that,” he said.

He smirked at various points, seemingly trying to see how much he could say before the reporter would get it.

Damm even explained to the reporter what the “9/27/18” meant – the day that Christine Blasey Ford testified – and then he deliberately turned to show to the camera that he had that date on his shirt on the back.

From Daily Wire:

Damm also described himself as an artist and claimed “it’s hard to not focus on the beauty,” referring to the vandalized building.

After being asked if the vandal got their message across, Damm replied, “I think they did. … Republican equals rape. That they support rape, they encourage rape, and if you rape someone, they will defend you.”

Damm was reportedly found later on that day at Walmart with cans of spray paint in his possession. He has been charged with criminal defacement to property and resisting a police officer.

Sounds like the police have him dead to rights.

And yes, he has a GoFundMe too from crazy leftists, but in maybe a good sign for the Republic, it’s not doing very well.

Here’s the full interview with this crazy character:


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