It Sure Looks Like Planned Parenthood Issued A Direct Threat To Republicans Who Support Kavanaugh

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You can’t get more shady as an organization than Planned Parenthood. We all know that America’s largest abortion factory terminates about 300,000 pregnancies a year and obviously that’s terrible. However, Planned Parenthood does plenty of other things that don’t have anything to with abortion. They lie a lot. They cover up child rape a lot. Oh, and they also threaten conservatives constantly.

Here’s the latest example.

From The Daily Wire:

Planned Parenthood has spent nearly a million dollars in a campaign to “#StopKavanaugh,” under the premise that Kavanaugh represents the fifth Supreme Court vote needed to overturn the landmark abortion ruling, Roe v. Wade. In his initial confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh wasn’t very clear on the subject of abortion jurisprudence — deliberately, of course, since any indication of his intent to rule one way or the other could get him disqualified from sitting on the case — but Planned Parenthood took decisive action anyway.

That sounds like a threat, doesn’t it?

‘We’re coming for you’? How is it at all acceptable for Planned Parenthood to talk like that? Especially when you consider all the violence that Democrats have been carrying out and instigating against Republicans lately.

It’s really mind boggling how twisted and dishonest Planned Parenthood is.

From Washington Examiner:

This week, Rolling Stone published a piece which threw aside all pretense about abortion and wondered, “What happens to abortion if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed?” Pulling from Planned Parenthood’s report, Rolling Stone details how awful the country might be for women if Roe were overturned and says “the end of nationwide abortion rights is staring us right in the face.”

Planned Parenthood’s press release about the report states, “Twenty states are poised to ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned. This means over 25 million women of reproductive age — that’s more than a third of women of reproductive age in America — could lose access to safe, legal abortion.”

This information is so false, it’s almost comical. While there’s likely 25 million women “of reproductive age” in America, it’s unclear what that threshold is exactly. More importantly, abortion rates have been steadily declining for the last four years — so it’s even less likely this many women are losing “access to safe, legal abortion,” because not all of these women would choose to have an abortion in the first place.


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